Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Much To Say, So Little Time to Say IT

So, much going on in the news lately. First, Obama having a beer with Prof. Gates and the cop. Good for him, but the Prof. has more problems then that. Has anyone ever thought about the neighbor who called this in? What she didn't recognize her own neighbor! Give me a break! She has hired a lawyer, yeah because we all know she called the cops on a fake burglary and she knew it. Looks like the Prof. Gates has a neighbor problem if you ask me.

There's a new school in Vegas for women, its called Stiletto Spy School. Its fantasy training to make a woman feel empowered and confident in the world. Well, if you need fantasy training, you have more problems then a "Spy School" can help :)

Outdoor magazine has said Colorado Springs is the #1 city to live. No, people we are not. We don't have any jobs for anyone. The housing market sucks, the only houses being sold are under $250,000 and they are rare. There is a bidding war going on for these houses. Our roads are packed with traffic, this town was not built for growth and we are seeing it with full impact. Plus we don't have the water for any new people, we'll be lucky to have enough for ourselves! I'd like to give that magazine a swift kick!

Amelia Earhart was in the news, seems they have found the island that she was on. A compact from the 30's and hand lotion was found on the island. They are sifting thru the sand for more stuff. She is one of my favorite people and I have always wanted to know what happened to her. One story was the Chinese found her and kept her a prisoner because she was spying for the good ole u.s. of a. To tell you the truth this is the one I believe but maybe, just maybe we will find out the real truth.

Have a good one!


Betty said...

Apparently, the woman wasn't a neighbor, but just someone visiting. Isn't it irritating when the media won't bother to get the facts straight before reporting anything. It takes days, even weeks, to find out the truth, and by then, you don't believe anything.

I'm fascinated by Amelia Earhart, too. Maybe we'll finally discover what really happened.

Darlene said...

Yes, it was a visitor who reported the incident and that is why she didn't recognize Prof. Gates. She gave a press conference the other day. Seems the police report said she told the person that two black men were trying to break in. She is incensed because she is not a racist and she never identified them as black. The recording of her call backed her up. I think the Cambridge police dept have a lot to answer for.

Looking to the Stars said...

Betty and Darlene, Thank you soooo much for clearing it all up (gee, you guys are great)Now, all of the neighbor thing makes sense. The media really ticks me off for not reporting things correctly. Being a visitor makes sense. I too, think the police dept. there does have a lot to answer for. I'm glad they record these calls!

Yes, I'm excited to see if this will answer our questions about Amelia, its been a long time coming.