Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm Back

Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving !!!!

We watched 2 new movies, "Toy Story 3" & "How to Train Your Dragon". They both were great, I cried at the end of Toy Story. Since I collect & sell dolls it was emotional for me. I've always felt my dolls had personalitys of their own. I know, silly me!

We cleaned up the leaves from the front yard, 5 huge bags. We have a huge tree that drops a lot of leaves plus every tree in the neighborhood seems to blow its leaves into our yard. We found a huge leaf, just one, that was differant then any other we have seen. Don't know where it came from. My hubby and I turned it over in our hands admiring its beauty. It traveled quite a ways, we are thinking it came from the west side.

Take care everyone :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cousin Boies Penrose

picture from my own family album.

A lot of people get confused about who is who in my family and even who we are related to. We are not related to the Penrose's in Utah that are Mormans but we are related to Stephen B.L. Penrose, long time president of Whitman College in Washington State.

Now, the above picture is my cousin Boies, he was named after his & my uncle Boies who was a senator. My cousin was the son of my uncle Charles. Uncle Charles had 2 kids that lived, Boies & Sarah. Uncle Charles had a marriage that was arranged but was a good marriage, she was very, very, very rich. Her father was an Austrian banker.

I met my cousin Boies, only once. He came to our house and had a meeting with my father. He was much older then the picture above. My father who was dying of cancer, had a favor to ask of Boies. The favor was: will you take and raise my little girl. My cousin, Boies refused!!! I was standing right there, looking at his face when he told my father that he should kill me. My cousin said a few other choice words about my mother.

My father replied that Boies would never be welcomed in our home again. Boies had a chance to help me and my father but he refused. And to this day, I curse him and his family. I do not consider any of them my relatives. They are all cruel and mean hearted people.

And that is all I have to say about my cousin Boies.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Land of Nod, The Artifact

Land of Nod, The Artifact by Gary Hoover. Gary is another author I met thru my Facebook and thru Budo. Gary's book is sci-fi and it also is very good. I love stories that have portals and this is one of them.
Gary's book is available at thru Kindle the same as Budo's. And no I'm not going to get my soap box and tell how wonderful it is to get the books on your computer :)
This is a great story and Gary does a great job :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It Magically Disappears

picture courtesy of Disney
I was disappointed in the Colorado Springs voting. We had 3 issues to be voted on, it had to do with taxes. In the higher income districts, these 3 issues magically disappeared from the ballots.
One woman, came out from voting & wanted to know why these issues were not on her ballot. She was given a lame excuse but it sent them scrambling. Everyone of the ballots in these districts had these 3 issues missing
I guess they are not going to do anything about it, the issues passed & we are going to have higher property taxes. I smell a HUGE STINKY RAT!!! And I don't mind telling the world about it!!
So, after the disappointment of the elections, in the mail I got the renewal for our business license. It is not a biggy, the state use to send the notice & I would mail a check. Now, I have to do it by computer. There are 8 steps I have to go thru once I get to the site, then pay, then download a copy for myself. It was much easier when I just got to mail a check in (sigh)
Well, I feel a lot better now that I got to bitch, moan & complain.
Everybody take care :)

Perception of Evil

In my previous post I talked about my friend, Budo von Stahl and his book "Preception of Evil"
If you like fantasy books with wizards & elfs this is a good one to read. Budo's book can be found at Amazon. com. It is part of their Kindle line and no you do not need a Kindle. offers a free upload for your computer. So you can purchase and read these books.
I have to tell you, I really enjoy getting my books this way. I don't have to go to the bookstore and I have it immediatly. Didn't think I would be such a big fan of downloading books on my computer but here I am, soap box and all :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Last Wizard - L.E. Buck

I wrote this book in 2005. It doesn't seem like its been that long ago, time is flying by me. I met another author on Facebook, they were in my Castle Age Army and through a mutual friend we found out about each other.
Budo Von Stahl is his name and his book "The Perception of Evil" is very good. Budo has his book on Kindle. Which is soooo easy to get. You can get Kindle free for your computer off of This is what I did. I like getting my books so fast.
So, anyway Budo wanted to know where to get my book. I told him Kindle, unknown to me my publisher stopped doing the Kindle and they have their own website to download my book. It was a journey to find where my book could be bought. But, I did it.
I really need to get back to writing. I long to get back to writing fantasy fiction but I need to tell my father's story. Its very hard for me, I am torn about telling all the truth. My mother was a fruitcake, do I tell how bad? Do I tell half truths, do I leave some things out? I wrestle with this and think "I should tell it like it was" and let the chips fall. Is this a good thing to think? I have hundreds of questions but no answers.
Sometimes, I feel that someone else should do the book. Take all my memories and write it, someone else would be less emotional about it. But, that's putting off my responsibility onto someone else, that's a chessecake move.
So, I ponder and flounder about it. Phooey, I need to get back to writing. I'll take it one day at a time.
take care :)