Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cousin Boies Penrose

picture from my own family album.

A lot of people get confused about who is who in my family and even who we are related to. We are not related to the Penrose's in Utah that are Mormans but we are related to Stephen B.L. Penrose, long time president of Whitman College in Washington State.

Now, the above picture is my cousin Boies, he was named after his & my uncle Boies who was a senator. My cousin was the son of my uncle Charles. Uncle Charles had 2 kids that lived, Boies & Sarah. Uncle Charles had a marriage that was arranged but was a good marriage, she was very, very, very rich. Her father was an Austrian banker.

I met my cousin Boies, only once. He came to our house and had a meeting with my father. He was much older then the picture above. My father who was dying of cancer, had a favor to ask of Boies. The favor was: will you take and raise my little girl. My cousin, Boies refused!!! I was standing right there, looking at his face when he told my father that he should kill me. My cousin said a few other choice words about my mother.

My father replied that Boies would never be welcomed in our home again. Boies had a chance to help me and my father but he refused. And to this day, I curse him and his family. I do not consider any of them my relatives. They are all cruel and mean hearted people.

And that is all I have to say about my cousin Boies.

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