Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thought For The Day by Will Rogers

"If dogs don't go to heaven, I want to go where they go"

I think this applies to kitty's also :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking For A New Eye Doc

I have been going to the same eye office for the past 11 years. I used to have a wonderful eye doctor but he moved on to better things but I stayed with the same office even tho I didn't really like the other doctors. But the last time I went, the doctor insulted me. I won't go into exact words but he said he would need a new chair after I sat down in his. There was more said then this but to let you know I am not overweight, I have put on a few pounds but not enough to be subjected to his rudeness. Then when his nurse had my glasses ready, she made a rude remark about not having a chair big enough for me to sit down in. That was it, my hubby made a rude remark back which made her turn red and shut up. We are never going back. Things like this is not new to me, here in Colorado Springs where the Tutts, my and my father's arch enemies, run things I have been subjected to this all of my life. Most of the time, I let it roll off my back knowing these people are in the Tutts pocket. In fact, I heard the Tutts pay these people to harass me. Gee, wonder what the Tutts are afraid of, maybe the TRUTH, lol. Anyway, I will find a new doc. I'm always on the road to better things :) Take care :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fair Game

We watched the movie 'Fair Game' last night. This is a must see, people!!!! You will see the inner workings of the CIA and why this organization should be shut down. You will also see why ALL Republicans should not be voted into ANY positions. You will see how Bush & Cheney abused the power given to them, dancing to the tune of their puppet masters. The only thing we do not see is Bush & Cheney's masters. These are the people we need to find and take away their power. And I don't mean the corp.'s , I mean real names, real people. And if you don't think that this kind of thing can't touch you, YOU ARE WRONG. IT CAN AND IT WILL. They haven't touched your S.S. yet but the next thing they will come up with is eliminating anyone over 62. Logans Run maybe in our future, think about it! When you watch this movie pay attention to the tactics they use against Valerie & her husband. The first one is to make everyone believe they are liars. This is always the first step, the rest of the steps depend on the person. Disinformation is always there and basically that is just lying about the other person. It comes in ALL forms from being gay, pedophile,mentally retarded, a loner to name just a few. Heck, they may even use all of them and its to get YOU to disbelieve every word that comes out of that person's mouth. Because if you disbelieve then the puppet masters don't have anything to fear. They have used fear against us all of our lives, its time to turn the tables and put fear into their hearts. Be smart, use that God given brain of yours and send the disinformation highway back where it belongs! And now, I will step down from my soap box and bid you all a wonderful week end!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

After The Civil War

My hometown, Colorado Springs, was not founded till after the Civil War. General Palmer and his wife Queenie founded it and the General was a Union General. But, a man here in our city has documents that talk about Rebel soldiers coming into this town and they had to be dealt with. He only gave a sneak preview of what he has written, so I will be looking forward to it when he shares all. There was also something about Texans coming in to steal gold from our fair city. So, this is going to be a great read. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Effanbee's Katie

This is one of my favorite dolls, this is 'Winter Wishes Katie' and I sold my last one. Last week I was thinking of putting her into my own collection. She was in my store (http://thelittledame.ecrater.com) for a year and a half, so I thought after that long I would give it another week and if she didn't sell I would add her to my collection of dolls. But, someone bought her today and now she is off to her new home.

Beautiful doll isn't she, Effanbee no longer makes her, she was archived in 2007 and sculpted by reowned artist Ann Timmerman. I do not have the gift of making a beautiful doll but I'm glad there are people out there that do, so the rest of us can enjoy their beauty.

Have a good day :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Aunt Margery

Have you ever seen such beauty and grace? This is my Aunt Margery. She was once engaged to a Lord, he broke off the engagement after my mother tried to steal him away from Margery. He would have nothing to do with either one of them. My aunt was heartbroken but was soothed by her father's doctor, who she married a year later.

The Lord married someone else and went to war, where he was killed in action. My aunt lived happily with her doctor, assisting him. They were married 17 years, then death claimed her.

My mother had a very small regret for interfering in her sister's life. My mother was a selfish, lover of herself person till the day she died. Now you know why I don't talk about her much.

But, despite her sister, my aunt had a good life.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thought For The Day

Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, and fills it with a steady and perpetual serenity Joseph Addison and my personal thought for the day is: if the Republicans want to axe S.S., then I want ALL the money back that I put into it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Casa Encantada

I would like to introduce Marilee, my father in law, my mother in law and Charles. My hubby was suppose to be in this but all I got was his pants. My camera sucks, I have to guess when I take a picture because you can't see the screen in the sunlight. Who says technology is great, sometimes it sucks,lol.

Anywho, Charles and Marilee run a bed and breakfast in Hotchkiss, Colorado. It's a great place and here is the link to it www.casaencantrada@bb.com

The website tells it all and has great pictures. Charles also takes people flyfishing, click on that link in their website because he goes all over the world and he is great as a guide. He has taken President Jimmy Carter and Joe Cochran to name a few people, flyfishing.

Charles and Marilee are warm wonderful people with great sense of humors. It was the first time I had met them but my husband has known them since he was 11. We had a great time :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celebrating Hubby's 50th Birthday

This is Grand Mesa, every morning when my hubby woke up, this is what he saw from Redlands Mesa where he lived
My hubby would wait for the school bus here at the end of the driveway
My husband and his mother
My father in law, my husband and family friend Marilee
My husband standing in front of the Welcome sign at Charles' and Marilee's Bed and Breakfast. I will be sharing more on Charles & Marilee's Bed and Breakfast. They are wonderful people and my husband has known them since he was 11.