Monday, April 11, 2011

Aunt Margery

Have you ever seen such beauty and grace? This is my Aunt Margery. She was once engaged to a Lord, he broke off the engagement after my mother tried to steal him away from Margery. He would have nothing to do with either one of them. My aunt was heartbroken but was soothed by her father's doctor, who she married a year later.

The Lord married someone else and went to war, where he was killed in action. My aunt lived happily with her doctor, assisting him. They were married 17 years, then death claimed her.

My mother had a very small regret for interfering in her sister's life. My mother was a selfish, lover of herself person till the day she died. Now you know why I don't talk about her much.

But, despite her sister, my aunt had a good life.

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