Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking For A New Eye Doc

I have been going to the same eye office for the past 11 years. I used to have a wonderful eye doctor but he moved on to better things but I stayed with the same office even tho I didn't really like the other doctors. But the last time I went, the doctor insulted me. I won't go into exact words but he said he would need a new chair after I sat down in his. There was more said then this but to let you know I am not overweight, I have put on a few pounds but not enough to be subjected to his rudeness. Then when his nurse had my glasses ready, she made a rude remark about not having a chair big enough for me to sit down in. That was it, my hubby made a rude remark back which made her turn red and shut up. We are never going back. Things like this is not new to me, here in Colorado Springs where the Tutts, my and my father's arch enemies, run things I have been subjected to this all of my life. Most of the time, I let it roll off my back knowing these people are in the Tutts pocket. In fact, I heard the Tutts pay these people to harass me. Gee, wonder what the Tutts are afraid of, maybe the TRUTH, lol. Anyway, I will find a new doc. I'm always on the road to better things :) Take care :)


Betty said...

Their comments would be true, if they were applied to me, but I still wouldn't go back, either. There's no excuse for rudeness.

Looking to the Stars said...

Betty, you are a hoot :) and you are right, there is no excuse for rudeness :)