Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Bottom Line

I was going to share more on Olsens book about my family but instead I'm just going to come out with the bottom line about it.

Someone doesn't want the truth known. You see I am a writer and one thing I know is how much it costs to put anything about a book in a newspaper, it costs money. To advertise your book in the NY Times costs $3,560.00. So, the Colorado Springs Gazette isn't that popluar but it costs money for that paper to be putting this book, chapter by chapter in the newspaper.

They are not doing it out of the kindness of their heart or to enlighten readers they are doing it because they are being paid to do it. Money and greed is the bottom line of all things. So, who would be paying this newspaper to do this, has to be the Tutt family.

A few months ago, they published a picture of Russell Thayer Tutt Sr.'s daughter and put the name of my nanny underneath it. Of course, all the paper had to do is publish a correction but if anyone wanted to do a look up on my nanny this picture would come up. Its false information which papers are famous for, Hearst was the biggest of all of them and the Colorado Springs Gazette is not far behind.

Now, why you wonder would they go to all this trouble? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe they don't want the truth to be known. Of course, they don't want people to know that Russell Thayer Tutt Sr. was a murderer. They don't want any eyes on them, so they use other people to do their dirty work. Thats as old as the hills.

The Tutt family have been involved with the mob since the 1900's. Yes, that's the mafia. They have also done things for the United States Government, behind the scenes of course.

So, the bottom line is the Tutt Family is paying for this book to be printed in the paper. I must be rattling them with all the truth I've been spouting.

Onward and upward for the words of truth, for I will always speak them :)