Friday, August 28, 2009

His Last Wish

When I worked at my dad's hotel, my boss came to me. She asked if I would have lunch with a young man who had cancer, the doctors had given him 2 months to live. The chemo had not helped him and hospice was the next step. I told her yes.

I walked into the hotel's cafeteria with my boss, she went to the table where a man sat. He could've been my age or older or younger, it was hard to tell. The chemo had taken his hair, I told him he looked like a young Yul Brunner, he laughed and the ice was broken.

As my boss left us alone, he thanked me for coming. My pleasure, I replied. He had a story to tell me, he talked as I ate.

His parents, now deceased, had worked at the Penrose's Turkey Creek Ranch when he was a little boy. One day, he was playing in the sand outside the big house. The Penrose's daughter was playing in the sand also, not far from him. Her mother came out, you could tell she was not in a good mood. He had been instructed by his parents to stay away from Mrs. Penrose.

As he rose to go towards his own home, she grabbed him and started choking him, talking nonsense. He was close to blacking out when the daughter came up to her mother. She knocked her mother off balance where she let go of him and fell hitting her head.

Because of the servants screaming, his parents had been running up to rescue him. They had seen the whole thing. They took him home, the doctor was called to see Mrs. Penrose.

Mr. Penrose arrived later on that night, his wife lied to him and he marched up to his daughter's room. Her screams as she was being punished went on for hours. The little boy felt bad for her because she hadn't done anything wrong, in fact she had saved his life. The next day his parents told Mr. Penrose the truth about the incident.

It was the last time he saw the little girl, when Mr. Penrose died, he and his parents tried to see his little girl. The Tutts told them she had died.

So, now here he was and his last wish was being granted. He wanted to thank D'iana for saving his life. He said, "Thank you for saving me, I have had a good life." and got up and left.

I sat at that little table for a long time.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Torch Of Camelot Has Gone Out

I sat in front of my T.V. yesterday morning, they reported that Ted Kennedy had passed away and I was taken back to the day President John Kennedy was murdered.

I was in grade school, my foster mother received a call not to send me to school that day but to have me watch the T.V. and report my reaction. My foster mother had argued that she was not going to let me watch T.V. all day. The reply was that my foster mother would know when to let me watch.

When they reported Kennedy's death from Dallas, I was summoned and placed in front of the T.V. , I saw what never should have happened and what my father had fought against happening but it did happen.

Now, we have lost another Kennedy and the torch of Camelot has been silenced forever. The Kennedy brothers were feared by the powers behind the throne. Now the last one is being laid to rest and we will never see another era of this magnitude.

It was a good ride with the three knights in shining armour. We bid you farewell and fare thee well to Camelot.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bobby and Jackie, A Love Story, I Don't Think So

As a writer, we are taught to look at stories and write a different outlook or take a smaller character and weave a story about them.

Also, in America we like to romanticize stories. For instance the Titanic, they made it into a love story. America ate it up, the facts and truth left out. The richest men in America were murdered because our government was going to start individual taxing and these men were going to take their money elsewhere. That's the truth, believe it or not.

So, now an author has a book out about Robert and Jackie Kennedy, that they had an affair. Now, I'm not going to read this book because I know it's going to piss me off. So, if anyone reads it, would you please enlighten me. I would like to know if the author covers the following things:

Does he say that Robert Kennedy was going to run for president BEFORE John? Because that is the truth. Robert Kennedy was going to run for president, Joe Kennedy was told that the CIA and the mob had put a hit out on Robert. So, Joe doesn't let Robert run, he tells John to run because no one had anything against John. We know by history that was not true.

Does the author say that Robert felt guilty over his brother's death? That he felt it should have been him not John?

And I'm sorry (maybe I'm old fashioned) but if I had my husband die in my arms. Then I'm not going to be looking to hop in the sack with his brother. That sounds like a man's wet fantasy dream to me.

So, if anyone reads this book, please feel free to share with me and answer my questions, if you will :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playing For Change, Songs Around The World

The first time I heard "Stand By Me" with Clarence Bekker, Roger Ridley and lovable Grandpa Elliott, it spoke to my soul. It filled me to overflowing and I wanted more.

"Playing For Change" has all of their videos on You Tube but for those of us who have computers that malfunction with their sound card and can't hear them, there is a CD/DVD that now can be purchased. I have the "Playing For Change" banner on my site, if you click on it, it will take you to the "Playing For Change" site. You can purchase this directly from them or buy it from and other stores.

I love the fact you get both, you can watch and see all the performers singing on your T.V. when you want then when you are in your car, office etc you have the CD to listen to.

It is manna for the soul. The magic of it, is in the musicians performing from all different countries together. I can hardly wait till they come out with another one.

Playing For Change is building music schools for children here in the U.S. and around the world. I know many of you have had the You Tube videos on your site (Lydia from Writerquake is one) and that you enjoy them as much as I.

I just had to share how much I enjoy their music :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pikes Peak Library Pictures cont.

ok, a little history here.
My parents had a # of 1.

houses. Picture #1 is the inside
of one of these houses. Now, the
library is saying that Picture #2
is the outside of picture #1.
Wrong, picture #2 belongs to
either the Tutt's or C.L. Tutt's
secretary, Merton W. Bogart
(I'll be doing more on good ole
Merton, he was Tutt's secretary
not my dad's and I have hard copy proof of this)
So, back to the houses. Julie wanted to live at the Broadmoor Hotel, she had friends that lived there. I heard this argument every single day. Her and my dad would argue about it, my dad would tell her "I am not living where I work." She would not let it go, she was like a pit bull. After my dad's death, she had a part of the hotel redone for her apartment. This is what she had wanted for a long time but it wasn't what she thought it would be.
She lived in fear the whole time she was there. Her phone calls were monitered and she only got a very few. This was by order of the Tutts (remember this was the time of calls going thru the hotel switchboard). She would not eat any of the food prepared for her from the hotel kitchen. When it was delivered to her apartment rooms, she would have the waiter eat the food in front of her. She was deathly afraid she would be poisoned.
So much for wanting to live at the hotel.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pikes Peak Public Library Pictures

Every few months I go to the Pikes
Peak Public Library photos because
they have tons of pictures with wrong dates and names
Now they say they just put down what is written on the photo. So, I guess I can take a photo of my husband and myself, put on the back
Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle with the
date 1776 and thats what they will
print. Do you see where I'm going with this? So, I am going to be printing quite a few pictures and telling the truth about them because the idiots at the library can't.
I've chosen these two as the start. The first picture is: Standing in the car is Jack Dempsey's LITTLE BROTHER, beside him is his little girl. He is shaking hands with C.L. Tutt and the other man next to him on the ground is my dad. The library lists this as Jack Dempsey, C.L. Tutt is listed as unknown but they got my dad right.
The second picture is:left to right, unknown, my Uncle Francis, Jack Dempsey, Mary Marvin (my uncles nurse) and unknown. The library lists this as unknown, my dad, Jack Dempsey, unknown, unknown.
Jack Dempsey was a friend of my father's, in fact my dad tried to start a hotel in Mexico which Jack was going to run. The Mexician government ran Jack and my dad out of the country. I don't know if the hotel is still standing today but it would've been a good one. Jack's little brother was a fighter also. He moved to L.A. when the mob was in contol of it and got hooked on drugs, he died from an overdose. Jack took it very hard.
So, this is the first of many pictures :)