Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pikes Peak Library Pictures cont.

ok, a little history here.
My parents had a # of 1.

houses. Picture #1 is the inside
of one of these houses. Now, the
library is saying that Picture #2
is the outside of picture #1.
Wrong, picture #2 belongs to
either the Tutt's or C.L. Tutt's
secretary, Merton W. Bogart
(I'll be doing more on good ole
Merton, he was Tutt's secretary
not my dad's and I have hard copy proof of this)
So, back to the houses. Julie wanted to live at the Broadmoor Hotel, she had friends that lived there. I heard this argument every single day. Her and my dad would argue about it, my dad would tell her "I am not living where I work." She would not let it go, she was like a pit bull. After my dad's death, she had a part of the hotel redone for her apartment. This is what she had wanted for a long time but it wasn't what she thought it would be.
She lived in fear the whole time she was there. Her phone calls were monitered and she only got a very few. This was by order of the Tutts (remember this was the time of calls going thru the hotel switchboard). She would not eat any of the food prepared for her from the hotel kitchen. When it was delivered to her apartment rooms, she would have the waiter eat the food in front of her. She was deathly afraid she would be poisoned.
So much for wanting to live at the hotel.


Lydia said...

Well, I guess! That's certainly no way to live. But maybe she got it out of her system by fulfilling the dream.....

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, yes she did get it out of her system. The old saying "be careful what you wish for" always comes to my mind when I think of her living at the Broadmoor. I just wish she could've been a little less fearful in her later years.

Darlene said...

Where is this house located? It looks like one on Cascade Avenue, but it could be in Broadmoor.

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene, I don't know, the library didn't put down the address of it. The lawn and roof looks like Broadmoor property but the house (being made out of stone) looks more like you said, Cascade. If it is Merton Bogart's house, then his address was 1518 E. Platte. That's the knob hill district and the older houses looked like this. If it's a house on Cascade then it's one of the Tutt's houses.
I don't think this house exists anymore, I don't remember seeing any house like this in the Broadmoor or Cascade area and all the houses on E. Platte are gone.
But, I do know I'll be on the look out for it as we drive around town :)

Beth Niquette said...

What a sad thing--to get her wish, and then to be so afraid.

Your true-life stories are fascinating. ((hugs)) How are you doing dear one?

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, I always felt that it was a sad thing also.

Thank you, it's not easy for me to share. My parents were very private people and I was told not to share many things but to tell the truth. Sometimes that's a conflict within me.

We have had a few busy days, tomorrow I hope to do a fast post about it. I am doing good. Thanks for asking :)