Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Speck, the Life and Times of Spencer Penrose, breakdown of book Part 2

In Chapter 2, Olson states that the family motto is "Ubique Fidelis" in Latin this means "Everywhere Faithful". That doesn't make sense, now if it had Semper in front of it, which a lot of families used that for a motto, then it would make sense. This motto is also suppose to be what was on a cradle my family used. Since I saw no such thing then I'm not sure if this is true.

Many times, Olson calls us blue bloods and many times refers to my grandparents as cold. As I have stated before both things are untrue.

He has my ancestors right but when he comes to my grandmother's, he says that they were Roman Catholic. This is NOT true, my grandmother's line is Jewish and the Vatican in Rome knows just how Jewish we are. Our Jewish roots goes deep and we have 2 very famous Jewish ancestors.

At the end of Chapter 2 Olson talks about Charles P. Tutt. I do not know why he doesn't state that Charles P. Tutt studied and became a doctor in Vermont. Then he went to Florida, then to Penn. His father in law was a merchant and lived a few blocks away from the Penrose house. This is where his son C.L. Tutt met my family. My Uncle Spence was the only one who liked C.L., my grandfather hated his guts. He saw the true nature in him and told his sons many times to stay away from him. To bad Uncle Spence didn't listen.

Chapter 3 - On page 21 Olson goes into great detail about my grandmother's death. He made the whole thing up. The true story is my dad didn't want to go to school that day, he faked that he was sick. My grandmother had just walked up the stairs to take him some soup, on the way down the stairs she tripped and broke her neck. She died. Now, you have to understand that back then in 1881, you NEVER told anyone that an accident happened inside the house that caused a death. That was taboo. So, the story that she had pneumonia and died from that was the story that was told.

My father was the one who was with her and yes it scarred him for life. He always believed that his father blamed him for his mother's death. He believed that till the day, our doctor was called to the house to see me. Our family doctor knew my grandfather. They got into a conversation that led to my grandmother. My father confessed to our doctor, that his dad blamed him for his mother's death. The doctor said, "I guess you were to young to remember what the rumors were." My father said he didn't know of any rumors. Our doctor told him, rumors had gone around that my grandfather had killed my grandmother. My dad said that it wasn't true and it must have been terrible for his father. So, that's the truth about my grandmothers death, it was an accident. My father always felt that it never would have happened if he would've gone to school that day.

Her death left a big void in all the Penrose men and there was not a day that went by, that they did not miss her and wish she was with them. Their love for her was deep and lasted a lifetime.

On page 22, Olson states that my Uncle Boies got interested in politics at Harvard. Not true, my grandfather chose that profession for him. My Uncle Boies had a poetic nature, he would have preferred to write plays. He did a pamphlet for Mr. Barnum on elephants, that Mr. Barnum used in his circus.

On page 25, Olson says my grandfather was disappointed in Uncle Spence. That's not true, my grandfather understood my Uncle and didn't expect to much of him. It was my father that had an on going conflict with my grandfather.

On page 28, Olson says my Uncle Francis (nickname Friday), comes down with a fever. This part is true. The part that is not true, is Uncle Francis did not become an invalid. Grandfather shipped him off to England after he was better.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Speck, The Life and Times of Spencer Penrose book, breaking it down

I have decided to take this book and go chapter by chapter, stating the untruths and revealing the truths.

I like Robert C. Olson's style, it flows and is poetic but here are the untruths in his book.

1. Blue blood, we are not blue bloods. My ancestor Bartholomew came from England, he had borrowed money from his brother of which he never paid back. We were shipbuilders and captains of ships, our best friend was William Penn. I don't know if that makes us blue bloods.

2. Penrose did not come to Colorado and make his 1st million, he was already a millionaire thru a mine he owned in AZ. His brother Richard and a German banker were his partners.

3. Speck was not his nickname, it was Spec and it was a childhood nickname. Only his brothers used it, NO ONE outside the family used it.

4. The Penroses were NOT rich. My grandfather was a Doctor and they did NOT make money like the doctors today. They made a meager wage. My ancestor Bartholomew had a trust fund set up for the family, when my father and uncles were old enough to get their part of it, they each, got $500.00 a year. Even back then that amount did not make you rich. Everyone in my family worked hard for their money, from my grandfather to my father.

5. Robert C. Olson says Spencer Penrose was a "shiftless ne er-do-well". My Uncle Spence was a fast dealing, gambling sort of person. He loved the women and life. C.L. Tutt was his friend and Tutt was shiftless, greedy and as dishonest as they come. But, this is not the Spencer Penrose who built the Broadmoor, Cheyenne Zoo, El Pomar Foundation and the Shrine of the Sun. For you see, the truth and family secert is: Spencer Penrose was murdered in 1902 and his brother, Philip Thomas Penrose (my father), took over his identity.

6. So, this book is at the beginning, the story of my Uncle but after 1902 then its my father and he has done no justice to my father. Uncle Spencer was in my grandfather's good graces, he graduated from Harvard. My father went to Penn University and my grandfather was not that fond of my father, they were always at odds with each other.

7. The Penrose household had a lot of love in it, my grandmother was a loving person and showed that to her family. Olson writes that it was a cold household, he has confused the Tutt household for the Penrose household.

8. Jack Dempsey was from Manassa, Colorado not Utah. Jack was a friend of my father's, in fact my dad tried to start a hotel in Mexico, Jack was going to be the manager (this was when his boxing days were done). It didn't work out, the Mexican police didn't want them or a hotel there. The mexican police took everything and booted them out of the country.

9. True Fact in the book, I do not know how Olson found this out but my father said often: The Guggenheims are honest, they are the most honest people I know. Olson refers to this on page 3.
Olson also says about Charlie MacNeill, that he was my dad's friend. Charlie was my dad's best friend, he was murdered in front of my dad. My dad would talk to me about his friend, Charlie MacNeill with tears in his eyes. And he would always say, "this was my best friend" as he gave me a picture of Charlie. He and Charlie, tired to start a hotel in what is now called Penrose, Colorado. It didn't work out but the building still stands today.

10. At the end of Chapter One, Olson says "If the entire story of his life were told, however, maybe the true Spencer Penrose would be revealed." Well, Mr. Olson that's what I have been planning to do. Because the life of Spencer Penrose is not just about one man, its about two men sharing the same name. Maybe I have been to hard on Mr. Olson, with this statement alone, it makes me wonder if he knows the whole truth about us.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Speck, The Life and Times of Spencer Penrose

This book is full of lies and untruths. In the preface of this book Robert C. Olson says he used memories of key individuals, those individuals were Thayer Tutt Jr and his sister and they are the liars. At no time when this book was being written was I consulted and there are NONE of my memories in this book!!!!!!!

Once again the Tutt family is trying to cover up their family skeletons, especially the fact that Thayer Tutt Sr murdered Penrose, I was there!

Robert C. Olson is a morman and should stick to writing about them. The Publishing company that published this book is Western Reflections Publishing Company in Montrose, Colorado. They are 4 authors that the Tutts paid to do this book, the publishing company has also done other books on the history of Colorado that is bogus.

And the reason I am writing about this now, the Colorado Springs Gazette's editor Jeff Thomas has been paid by the Tutt family to run this book, chapter by chapter in the newspaper. The book came out in 2008 and it did not do well because there are people who still know the truth and knew this book was full of lies.

Well, at least we know Jeff Thomas is on the Tutt's payroll. The Tutt's must be up to something, they always start the lies about my family when they want more money or the govt are looking into their illegal transactions.

The Tutt's should write about their family but of course it wouldn't go over to well. They were friends with Hitler, they are connected to the mob, since the late 1800's they swindled people out of their property and money, they murdered, stole and lied. No wonder they don't want anyone writing about them.

But, as I was saying this book is so full of crap. I went thru and marked everything that was a lie and it is so funny because there is only a line or two on each page that isn't marked.

I hope you are enjoying the money that the Tutts gave you Robert C. Olson because you won't get much for your book. In this day and age people are no longer sheep and will no longer believe the lies.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Marina Semyonova 1908-2010

picture courtesy of Ballerinagallery
Marina Semyonova, the Bolshoi Ballet's prima ballerina for 2 decades during the Soviet era has died. Marina was 102.
Marina joined the Bolshoi Theater in 1930 and was with them till 1952. Her repertoire included "Sleeping Beauty", "Swan Lake", "Raymonda", "Giselle" and "La Esmeralda".
She was married to Senior Soviet Diplomat, Lev Karakhan, who was executed in 1937 as part of Stalin's purging. Marina was a beautiful and gifted Ballerina, may she rest in peace.