Monday, June 21, 2010

Speck, The Life and Times of Spencer Penrose

This book is full of lies and untruths. In the preface of this book Robert C. Olson says he used memories of key individuals, those individuals were Thayer Tutt Jr and his sister and they are the liars. At no time when this book was being written was I consulted and there are NONE of my memories in this book!!!!!!!

Once again the Tutt family is trying to cover up their family skeletons, especially the fact that Thayer Tutt Sr murdered Penrose, I was there!

Robert C. Olson is a morman and should stick to writing about them. The Publishing company that published this book is Western Reflections Publishing Company in Montrose, Colorado. They are 4 authors that the Tutts paid to do this book, the publishing company has also done other books on the history of Colorado that is bogus.

And the reason I am writing about this now, the Colorado Springs Gazette's editor Jeff Thomas has been paid by the Tutt family to run this book, chapter by chapter in the newspaper. The book came out in 2008 and it did not do well because there are people who still know the truth and knew this book was full of lies.

Well, at least we know Jeff Thomas is on the Tutt's payroll. The Tutt's must be up to something, they always start the lies about my family when they want more money or the govt are looking into their illegal transactions.

The Tutt's should write about their family but of course it wouldn't go over to well. They were friends with Hitler, they are connected to the mob, since the late 1800's they swindled people out of their property and money, they murdered, stole and lied. No wonder they don't want anyone writing about them.

But, as I was saying this book is so full of crap. I went thru and marked everything that was a lie and it is so funny because there is only a line or two on each page that isn't marked.

I hope you are enjoying the money that the Tutts gave you Robert C. Olson because you won't get much for your book. In this day and age people are no longer sheep and will no longer believe the lies.


Kay Dennison said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm . . . interesting!

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, thanks. You can tell I got on my soap box on this one. This book came out 6 months after I announced in Colorado Springs that I was doing a book about my father from my memories. I'm still working on it, I was highly crictized because I have been taking a long time doing this. I had people say "I know an author who did his book in a week" my answer, "bully for him!" :)
take care :)