Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bobby and Jackie, A Love Story, I Don't Think So

As a writer, we are taught to look at stories and write a different outlook or take a smaller character and weave a story about them.

Also, in America we like to romanticize stories. For instance the Titanic, they made it into a love story. America ate it up, the facts and truth left out. The richest men in America were murdered because our government was going to start individual taxing and these men were going to take their money elsewhere. That's the truth, believe it or not.

So, now an author has a book out about Robert and Jackie Kennedy, that they had an affair. Now, I'm not going to read this book because I know it's going to piss me off. So, if anyone reads it, would you please enlighten me. I would like to know if the author covers the following things:

Does he say that Robert Kennedy was going to run for president BEFORE John? Because that is the truth. Robert Kennedy was going to run for president, Joe Kennedy was told that the CIA and the mob had put a hit out on Robert. So, Joe doesn't let Robert run, he tells John to run because no one had anything against John. We know by history that was not true.

Does the author say that Robert felt guilty over his brother's death? That he felt it should have been him not John?

And I'm sorry (maybe I'm old fashioned) but if I had my husband die in my arms. Then I'm not going to be looking to hop in the sack with his brother. That sounds like a man's wet fantasy dream to me.

So, if anyone reads this book, please feel free to share with me and answer my questions, if you will :)

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