Friday, April 15, 2011

Fair Game

We watched the movie 'Fair Game' last night. This is a must see, people!!!! You will see the inner workings of the CIA and why this organization should be shut down. You will also see why ALL Republicans should not be voted into ANY positions. You will see how Bush & Cheney abused the power given to them, dancing to the tune of their puppet masters. The only thing we do not see is Bush & Cheney's masters. These are the people we need to find and take away their power. And I don't mean the corp.'s , I mean real names, real people. And if you don't think that this kind of thing can't touch you, YOU ARE WRONG. IT CAN AND IT WILL. They haven't touched your S.S. yet but the next thing they will come up with is eliminating anyone over 62. Logans Run maybe in our future, think about it! When you watch this movie pay attention to the tactics they use against Valerie & her husband. The first one is to make everyone believe they are liars. This is always the first step, the rest of the steps depend on the person. Disinformation is always there and basically that is just lying about the other person. It comes in ALL forms from being gay, pedophile,mentally retarded, a loner to name just a few. Heck, they may even use all of them and its to get YOU to disbelieve every word that comes out of that person's mouth. Because if you disbelieve then the puppet masters don't have anything to fear. They have used fear against us all of our lives, its time to turn the tables and put fear into their hearts. Be smart, use that God given brain of yours and send the disinformation highway back where it belongs! And now, I will step down from my soap box and bid you all a wonderful week end!


Darlene said...

Fair Game is in position 3 on my queue.

Catching up and I wish I had known about the
Effanbee doll you sold. I would have been so tempted. She is beautiful.

The only doll I saved was the Effanbee dydee baby doll. The body rotted and I didn't know I could get a replacement and threw the head away. Too soon old, too late smart.

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene, as you can tell Fair Game is a fav of mine :)
Ohhh, sorry you threw your dydee away. I've learned a lot about replacements even for other types of dolls. "Winter Wishes Katie" was a fav of mine. She is one of the most true to life dolls I've ever seen. She was a beauty :)