Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm Back

Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving !!!!

We watched 2 new movies, "Toy Story 3" & "How to Train Your Dragon". They both were great, I cried at the end of Toy Story. Since I collect & sell dolls it was emotional for me. I've always felt my dolls had personalitys of their own. I know, silly me!

We cleaned up the leaves from the front yard, 5 huge bags. We have a huge tree that drops a lot of leaves plus every tree in the neighborhood seems to blow its leaves into our yard. We found a huge leaf, just one, that was differant then any other we have seen. Don't know where it came from. My hubby and I turned it over in our hands admiring its beauty. It traveled quite a ways, we are thinking it came from the west side.

Take care everyone :)


Kay Dennison said...

Glad you had a great holiday!!!!!!

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, thanks. Hoping those Buckeyes won :)