Monday, November 1, 2010

The Last Wizard - L.E. Buck

I wrote this book in 2005. It doesn't seem like its been that long ago, time is flying by me. I met another author on Facebook, they were in my Castle Age Army and through a mutual friend we found out about each other.
Budo Von Stahl is his name and his book "The Perception of Evil" is very good. Budo has his book on Kindle. Which is soooo easy to get. You can get Kindle free for your computer off of This is what I did. I like getting my books so fast.
So, anyway Budo wanted to know where to get my book. I told him Kindle, unknown to me my publisher stopped doing the Kindle and they have their own website to download my book. It was a journey to find where my book could be bought. But, I did it.
I really need to get back to writing. I long to get back to writing fantasy fiction but I need to tell my father's story. Its very hard for me, I am torn about telling all the truth. My mother was a fruitcake, do I tell how bad? Do I tell half truths, do I leave some things out? I wrestle with this and think "I should tell it like it was" and let the chips fall. Is this a good thing to think? I have hundreds of questions but no answers.
Sometimes, I feel that someone else should do the book. Take all my memories and write it, someone else would be less emotional about it. But, that's putting off my responsibility onto someone else, that's a chessecake move.
So, I ponder and flounder about it. Phooey, I need to get back to writing. I'll take it one day at a time.
take care :)


Beth Niquette said...

One day at a time is good--my Mom used to journal her ideas for books--it worked well for her. Her books are wonderful.

Sometimes it is good to take a break to try something else...then when you get back to the serious stuff everything falls into place.

((hugs)) Hang in there.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, thanks for the encouragement. It's healing oil for my battered soul :)