Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Cost Of War

I don't know if any of you caught CNN doing a story about Fort Carson or not but I have to put in my two cents. For those who do not know Fort Carson, it is in Colorado Springs, Colorado, my home.

The paper here (The Gazette) has been really busy taking down the curtains and showing the truth. I never thought I'd see the day!

But, they did a really good story on Fort Carson and what is happening to the men that come back from Iraq. And what is happening to the innocent people living here. I will share only one story.

In Oct. 2007 three men had come home to Fort Carson from Iraq, they were driving down the street. Louis Bressler, 24, was driving, his passengers, Bruce Bastien, a 21 year old medic and Kenneth Eastridge, 24. They saw a woman walking to work, Bressler swerved and hit her with the car. Bastien, the medic, jumped out of the car and stabbed her over and over. Eastridge stayed in the car and watched.

This is a clear picture of why war is not a good idea, the government is not helping our people when they come back. There is countless stories of abuse on military wives. War not only costs us money, there is the cost of innocent Americans being murdered, there is the cost of our men and women who come back with mental problems.

This is too high a cost and we all know, "they" want war because "they" make money. I think we should have a town that every senator, congressman, politician, businessman who voted and wanted a war, should live in. Then when any military comes back from that war, they have to live in the town with the senators, congressman, politician, and businessman. Let one of their family members get murdered. I bet you, we would not have any more wars.

When the decisions that our politicians make, start hitting their families then we will see a difference.

So, there you have it. One of my beefs: I hate war. I say, let the leaders duke it out and the rest of the world can stay home.


Darlene said...

I notice that very few of our representatives have children in the service (Joe Biden and John McCain are two that come to mind with sons in the service). George Bush and Dick Cheney's daughters went missing from the Iraq horrors.

I have always wished that those leaders who start a war should have to be in the front of the troops when they attack like they did in Medieval times.

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene, I agree with you. They who want war should put their children on the front lines. Let them feel the heart ache and loss first.

maryb5353 said...

This world is in a mess & it is because of war. WAR is stupid and senseless. It is a death trap for our sons and daughters.Iraq has deprived a generation of any kind of sane life after servinf there. Emotional and physical suffering without healing,trapped in memories too painful to forget. Why ? Why?

The US needs to look inwards & get this country moving in a direction that improves the qualitry of life for all. I firmly believe that we have lost "our soul". The religious movement has too much influence - & hypocracy and arrogance and...............

Looking to the Stars said...

Maryb5353, I couldn't agree more. We truly are in a terrible state, war should be a last restort and help for those who come back should be high prority. It's not in our nature to kill, the memories these people have to endure are unspeakable and like you, I ask why.