Monday, July 27, 2009

Karen Grammer

At 10:20 a.m. today, a monster stood before a parole board in Limon, Colorado. He's been there for 30 years saying he was sorry and downplayed his role in a Colorado Springs 1975 killing spree that took the life of actor Kelsey Grammer's little sister.

Kelsey Grammer missed his plane for the parole hearing and sent an email to the board, that was read a loud at the hearing, he called him a butcher and that his parole should be denied. The DA (Bob Russel) for the case was present, he called it one of the most vicious crimes he had seen in his 20 years of being a DA. Lou Smit, the retired detective from the case was there also. He told the parole board, "they killed her without mercy as she pleaded for her life". The board will make their decision in a few hours.

This is what this monster and his friend did in 1975, the first victim was a male from a restaurant, they kidnapped him and shot him in the head. The second, a Fort Carson soldier who wanted to buy pot, they stabbed him to death with bayonets.

The third, was Karen, 18 years old. She had moved to Colorado Springs to be close to her boyfriend (her father had been murdered just 5 years before this). She had just gotten off her job at the Red Lobster. The two monsters tried to rob the Red Lobster and botched it, they grabbed Karen in the parking lot. They repeatedly raped her, put a black bag over her face and started stabbing her. All the while she pleaded for her life, till they hit an artery and she died.

There were two more murders that they committed, both of them were friends of theirs. One was over a loaf of bread and the other, a poker game.

These monsters do not deserve to be let out of prison, they do not deserve to live. They have no respect for life and we should have no respect for theirs. There is only one monster up for parole today and he does not deserve to leave prison. We owe it to Karen Grammer and the other victims.

UPDATE: At 3:45 p.m. mountain standard time, the parole board came back with their decision: DENIED PAROLE!
And you can bet if this monster comes up for parole again, Kelsey Grammer, Bob Russel, Lou Smit and the Gazette will be there to remind everyone what this monster did.

I will never see justice for what happened to my father and myself but for one brief moment I can see a glimmer of justice in the lives of others. And it gives me hope, hope that maybe America is not as lost as she seems.

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