Thursday, July 16, 2009

Honoring Life, Celebrating Memories

The title of this post

is from Hutchens
Mortuary in Florissant, Mo
On July 4, 2009 our
family lost Joshua
The family will be
honoring his life and
his memory this Sat.

Josh was 36 and lost his battle with cancer. The Lance Armstrong Foundation heard of Josh, Lance sent a signed copy of his book. The foundation kept track of his battle, when they found out of his passing, they put a stone with his name on it at the La Tour de France that Lance Armstrong is doing right now, it is past the 16 mile marker. I thought this very touching of the foundation
The picture of the flowers are the flowers we have sent for the funeral, we have also had a tree planted in Josh's memory (for those who are interested in planting a tree for a friend or loved one you can go to We have planted trees for the last 12 years for our friends and family. We feel that a part of them is still living and growing in one of our national forests by doing this.
We are unable to attend the funeral because of our work but my in laws are representing us and my husband's family understands. Josh had a great sense of humor, he was an avid boater and sky diver. He was a computer whiz. He was an up beat and postive person up to the very end. We will miss him.


Kay Dennison said...

My condolences to al of you!

MaryContrary said...

I send my condolences to you and your family. I like the notion of planting trees to honor departed loved ones. Living memorials are so much better than stone or metal.

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay and Mary Contrary, thank you for your kind words. I like living memorials also.