Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy

May 10th is my dad's birthday. My father was always a kid at heart and I related to him very well being a kid myself. One of his favorite places to go was the zoo and the

Will Roger's Shrine.

We would stand at the shrine and look out over Colorado Springs, my dad always had his binoculars and he would look towards Penrose, Colorado (a town named for him). He always loved that town, he said he always felt alive when he was there.

My father would talk to me for hours, I was like a mini tape recorder. As I look back I realize, all of my dad's closest friends were gone and I was the only one he could confide in. There was also another reason, he was dying. Cancer was eating away at my tall vibrant father and he wanted to tell me about the Penrose family and the family secrets.

Horseback riding was a love of his, Goldie was the name of one of his horses. She was a palomino and a very gentle soul. My father also loved polo, which he played very well. He lived life to it's fullest even as the vultures circled. His life was fulled with problems as all lives are but he made the most of it.

Cancer did not kill my dad, he was murdered and the man who did it, got away with it. Justice is not only blind, she can be bought.
We had a motto in our family, "keep looking to the stars". I have no idea what it means but every night I look to the stars and say hello to my dad.


Beth Niquette said...

Wow...sounds like a mystery which should be solved. The truth is, evil doers often think they get away with murder...but in reality they never do. What goes around DOES come around. Vindication happens and justice will be done.

He sounds like a lovely man. And he loved you VERY much. Be safe, dear girl.

Looking to the Stars said...

Thank You Beth, you're always a balm to my aching soul. Oh, I know the man who murdered my father, I was there that day. Thats why things went the way they did in my life, I was a witness but thats another story. The man who murdered my father died in 1992, his life also has a story but thats another time. Thank you for your kind words! :)