Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Charles Leaming Tutt

Today is my birthday and as a treat to myself, I am breaking a
silence about the family that has hated the Penrose's for over 4
generations, the Tutt family. They have printed and paid people
to print untruths and half truths about
us. To the right, pic of 4 men, my
Uncle Spencer is the one wearing the
hat, C.L. Tutt is man at end with both
hands in pockets picture taken in 1894. Next pic is my dad in the 1920's, small pic is my dad, taken
around 1894

Charles Leaming Tutt, called C.L., had a father who died in the Civil War, he was a doctor who studied in Vermont and then became a doctor under my grandfather in Penn. The war broke out and my grandfather went to Sutterlee Hospital, Tutt went elsewhere. With his father dead C.L. and his mother lived with her father, who was a merchant and lived about 4 blocks away from the Penrose house. This is how he met my Uncle Spencer, who was a year older then he was. C.L. and my Uncle liked to wheel and deal, they were gamblers at heart. C.L. came to Colorado Springs around 1884, he had relatives here. He wanted my Uncle here because my Uncle was a millionaire due to his mine in AZ, which was netting one million dollars a year.
When C.L. came to Colorado Springs he got into real estate, he was not a lawyer but he ended up in a lot of court cases concerning wills and ended up with the decease's property (this runs in the family because this is what they did to me.) C.L. died in 1909, I had a person say to me that he was murdered. I joked back and said if he was murdered then it was one of his mistresses. So, I looked up his last year on earth and found out, he was in another court case concerning a will where he was going to end up with all the money. If he was murdered then it most likely had to do with that.
So, C.L. has one living son C.L. Jr. who is married to Eleanor, they move to Calif where they have 3 sons C.L. the 3rd born in 1911, William Thayer born in 1912 and Russell Thayer born in 1913. C.L. Jr comes back often to Colo Springs to see his mom, mistress and business. He is an investment lawyer and becomes my dad's lawyer. He has a daughter by his mistress born in 1912, her name is Josephine. I don't know what happened to her mother but Eleanor, C.L.'s wife, accepts Josephine into the family as her own. They change her birthdate to 1919, making her younger then she really was (this had to be hard on her, I know because they did the same thing to me but made me older and it was hard on me.)
Josephine is not the only illegitimate kid, there was Karl who was my fathers chauffeur and Susan who was my dad's secretary daughter. All the while C.L. was going to church and saying what a good man he was. Then he would say my dad was the "ladies man". Not true, I was there the day C.L. asked my dad if he would tell everyone that five year old Susan was his daughter. My dad said, "NO, I've always claimed my own and you need to claim yours. You just want everyone to think I am a S.O.B. when you are the S.O.B. (my dad used the words, not the letters). There was also another son by his second wife, all of them worked at the hotel except the eldest.
The Tutts have always used the Penrose's as their scapegoats, this is because Russell and William always wanted to be Penrose's and knew they were not. C.L. Jr was my dad's investment lawyer, do you know in 1930 my dad, who had 20 companies made only $8,000.oo while C.L. made $18,000.00. You can see how he was stealing my dad blind. My dad didn't trust the Tutt's but he trusted the Guggeinheim's. The only reason that the Tutt's were around was because of Julie, she handled some of the finances and she soon learned that trusting them was a mistake but it was too late for everyone.
Russell Thayer Tutt is the man that murdered my father, he came into our house and shot my dad twice then turned the gun on me. A friend of my father's took the bullet for me, he lived but Tutt would try again two more times and those people did not live. They stopped trying to murder me because they kept screwing up and they paid out money to hush people up, it was getting too expensive. So, they forced a family to take me and keep me out of sight.
During that time the Tutts spread gossip that I murdered my father, then it was I was retarded, the next lie was I was a lesbian, the next lie was that I liked children. The lies were a screen to make people hate me so no one would talk to me and find out the truth. Friends were hand picked and paid, so they were not really friends. All the while Russell stole and stole.
The Tutts are a lot of things and one thing they are not is honest. They are best friends with Bush Jr., they ran in the same crowd as Cheney (Cheney didn't like them), they let Hoover bug the hotel. Every man who ran for the white house and stayed at the hotel became President. In the 1960's when the Denver police department was cleaned out because of ties to the mafia a lot of money was spent to keep the Tutt name out of the connection with the criminals. I would not be surprised if, on his death bed, Russell Tutt said he didn't kill my father. His friend Jack Ruby made a death bed confession too and it was a lie. Birds of a feather flock together.
Yes, the Penrose's and Tutt's go back a long way but they are not friends. The Tutt's never do the right thing, they lie to cover up their wrong doings, they always blame someone else and they believe you can buy yourself any person on the planet. I am not the only one they have wronged, there have been many others. A legacy that started in the 1880's and still going. Gee, isn't that something to be proud of.
And don't get me wrong, they did do some good. You see their believe is for every 5 people you murder then you do a good thing for 5 people.
So, I've aired my feelings and I know I need to forgive these people for what they have done. I find it diffcult, maybe somebody has some words of wisdom for me. I keep thinking of that Rod Stewart song, Forgiveness. maybe someday I'll be able to forgive.


Beth Niquette said...

Good grief, girl! How totally amazing. What an incredible story. I will pray for you and your family's vindication. Ah, my dear, I'm so sorry. Please be careful. I hope you are keeping every piece of paper and proof.

Your story would make an incredible true-live murder-mystery. Have you thought about going to one of those authors of true-life murder mysteries, and asking them to investigate and write your story?

Wow. I'm just amazed that you have lived through such a thing. God bless you and keep you save, my dear.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, I'm writing my own story, thats what my manuscript is about. Everything I have put in this blog I have hard copies of all newspaper,census etc. to back up what I write and then I have my memories.
Believe me, I have often wondered why I have lived. Doing this book might be the final nail in my coffin but I have to do it for my dad and for me. :)

Kay Dennison said...

Forgiveness, while difficult to attain, is easier thatn letting resentment and hatred consume you and your soul.

Here are some quotes that have held well for me.

* "You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well.” -- Louis B. Smedes

* "Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation” -- Roberto Assagioli

And my very favorite from one of the wisest men to ever walk this planet:

* “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -- Mahatma Gandhi

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, thank you so much, this made me weep. I've written down your quotes and have them in front of me so I can look at them everyday.