Thursday, May 21, 2009

Billionaires Meeting

When I first heard that the billionaires of America had a meeting, it took me back to April 1912.
Back then the billionaires of America had a meeting on European shores, they were going to take their money elsewhere because the U.S. was planning on taxing individuals.

A lot of people were upset about taxing individuals and spoke against it including the author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Does anyone remember what happened April 1912, if you don't then you should. It was the sinking of the Titianic and believe me people, an iceberg did NOT sink it. There was a bomb on that ship, how do I know because they tried to blame my Uncle Francis for it. He was going to be the governments scapegoat but it didn't work out that way.

My Uncle didn't do it and the government knew it but they tortured my Uncle anyway. One man did not make that trip his name was Rockefeller and he was the one that my family believed planted the bomb and government officials were in on it. Because of what Rockefeller did, when my father opened his hotel (Rockefeller was one of the first guests) my father physically threw him out of the hotel. All newspapers printed that the Rockefellers left the hotel because of paint fumes. Ha, my father said it felt good to throw him out.

There was another meeting my father attended, when he came home he told my mother he was not going to do what "they" wanted. She told him he had to, she was frightened, she reminded him what they had done to my Uncle. When he told her that "they" were planning an assassination, she said she would find a way to thwart "them". Things didn't turn out like my mother wanted but my father didn't do what "they" wanted. It cost him his life but he was true to his feelings and his country. And of course in the rich and poor circles it was not good to be loyal to a Penrose because my father stood his ground. The person who carried out what my father would not was rewarded with my father's money.

So, when you see these meetings, it is not what they say they are and its not for the good of the people or the country.


fred said...

Anytime this kind of wealth meets (in secret no less) it can only be in their own intrests and has nothing to do with charity. I suspect they are planning their "final solution" for how to enslave the poor so they won't have to be bothered paying us that annoying minimum wage.

Looking to the Stars said...

Fred, so true, so true!