Monday, February 2, 2009

Spencer Penrose

For this first time I'm going to cover the most used misinformation about Spencer:
Spencer built the Will Rogers Shrine for himself, wrong. The shrine was going to be for Julie Penrose when Will Rogers died Spencer asked Julie if they could name her shrine for Will. She agreed. Being buried at the shrine came later, Julie was going to be buried in Belgium beside Gladys. Spencer was going to be buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Colo. Springs. His headstone was already picked out. Julie buried him at the shrine instead of Evergreen.

The nickname Spec came from the word speculation, wrong. Spec was a CHILDHOOD nickname that his brothers gave him and ONLY his brothers used it. Anybody who knew Spencer Penrose called him Spence. All of the other brothers had nicknames too except Philip. The brothers were past the nickname stage by the time Philip was born.

Before prohibition, Spencer stockpiled booze because he was a big boozer, wrong. He stashed booze for his hotel because he didn't want to buy from the mob. It's called good business sense.
thats all for now


Lydia said...

VERY interesting.

Now I must go find out about Kathryn Khulman.......

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, let me know what you think after you read about Khulman and just in case you were wondering, Yes, she knew the Penrose family very well.
Thanks for the post (I love your blog, its great)