Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eminite Domain

Have you ever heard the term Eminite Domain? Don't feel alone, neither had I till my veterinarian went thru it. It means the government can come in and take your property. We have had the best vet for 15 years, he took care of our mini doxie thru all illnesses, shots, boo boo's and held our hands when it was time to let our little boy go. He was there when we got our 2 new little boys.

We were there when our vet went thru his divorce and when he met and married a wonderful woman who also is a vet. We watched as his little girl grew into a lovely woman and married last month. So when we went in for a visit 4 months ago, we discovered that the city of Fountain (this is a small, small suburb of Colo. Springs) was declaring eminite domain on thier portion of our vet's business property.

Now, my vet and his wife had already with lawyers talked to the developer and papers were to be signed, money, which had been agreed upon, was to be paid. As far as they knew there was no problem. Now, all of a sudden there was a problem. The developer backed out of his agreement, the city was holding secert meetings and it appeared that things that were agreed upon (septic tank, water, road acesss to the vets business etc) had been voided. The city council also told my vet that there was nothing he could do and that NOBODY cared about them or thier business.

Well, when I heard about the part that nobody cared, my claws came out because I was told the same thing when I was a little girl, 3 years old to be excat, that nobody cared about me and nobody wanted me, my father had been murdered and no one was going to do anything about it. No one was going to stand against the family that had murdered my father and taken everything declaring themselves godsons and heirs. They also told me that to be loyal to a Penrose was not the in thing and i would not find any loyalty within thier circle.

So, my husband and I signed the petiton, went to City Hall to fight alongside our friend and vet. I also faxed my family's foundation, stating what was happening and if they would help. (I knew they would not do anything for me but I thought maybe they would do something for someone else, after all that's what the foundation was set up to do) Well, I never heard from them so I guess the answer was no.

So, at City Hall, it was packed to the hilt. It was a great feeling to see so many people there, saying we care and we are standing up for the rights of our vet. Showing him and his family that they were not alone.

It all worked out, what had been agreed upon in the beginning was put to paper once more. The developer did not get away by offering less money or not addressing the issues that had been agreed to, the land was not taken away and rights were not shuffled under the table. Justice was done because the american people stood as one. And the american people are going to speak again when members of the city council go up for re-election. They are out of here!


Lydia said...

Interestingly, I was just at our wonderful vet clinic yesterday with two of our cats. He kissed the fat one on top of her head....

Eminent domain took my grandmother's little house in the country outside Walnut Creek, CA, way back. She mourned, but made the best of the situation and bought a small place in Alameda.

I'm glad it worked out this way for your vet. Last summer I protested a cement packaging factory moving into our town, right in the middle of neighborhoods. The (then) mayor was behind it as was the rest of the council except two councilors. But this was right at election time and we ousted the mayor and replaced him with one of the councilors who opposed the cement factory. There have been Land Use appeals in the works, brought by a group of citizens, and a few days ago the business pulled its proposal to buy the property for the plant! Yea!!!!! It never hurts to speak up and once in awhile it MATTERS!

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, I answered your post yesterday but it didn't save it. I must have hit a wrong button or something. Your vet sounds like a good one. My heart hurt when I read your grandmother went thru this.
I agree with you totally, it does not hurt to speak up.