Thursday, February 5, 2009

Misinformation 3

Tutt resigned as president of U.S.R & R., wrong. He was told to resign, he brought in hired guns to keep the miners in line. It got so out of hand the governer had to step in, putting MacNeill and Penrose in charge.

Tutt sold shares of Utah stock to Penrose, wrong. Tutt was dead by the time the Utah mine was started.

Penrose was named execator of Tutt's will and guardian of his children, wrong. Tutt's lawyer took care of the will and Tutt had only one kid alive by the time he died, C.L. Jr. and Penrose was not his guardian, C.L. Jr.'s guardian was his mother but he was old enough not to need a guardian.

Spencer Penrose had a fake eye, wrong. Richard Alexander Fullerton Penrose Jr was the one that had a fake eye. He was rowing champion of Harvard and took his team to the championships and brought to Harvard the torphy. It was a rowing accident that cost him his eye. My Uncle Richard was a wonderful caring man and my grandfather constantly told him to hold his head up and look each man in the eyes, to never be ashamed of his looks. My Uncle died before I was born but my father made sure that I knew about each member of my family. Plus I have my uncle's letters.

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