Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Misinformation 2

The Penrose family was wealthy, no. They all had jobs and worked very hard. They got $500.00 each, a year from the family Penrose Trust. Richard Jr and Spencer found a mine in Az. which they called Commonwealth about 1891, that brought in a nice chunk for everyone but the mine in Utah was the biggest, that was around 1910. From then on out you could say they were wealthy but not before that.

The C.O.D. mine was the catalyst for Spencer's wealth, not true. See above

Spencer lacked drive and persistince, not true. He was a hard working person and always strived to do better.

Tutt grounded Spencer, not true. It was the other way around and Spencer was a great example of work ethics. He had to be or his father would've slapped him silly.

All enterprises failed, wrong. His store in Las Curces, NM, his hotel in Penrose, Colo failed but all of his mines that he had with his family and his hotel in Colo Springs were huge successes.

Spencer wired Boies for money, wrong. Philip wired Boies for a train ticket

Spencer was half owner of the C.O.D. mine, wrong. Spencer was a 1/16th owner of the C.O.D.

Charles MacNeill was a ruthless businessman, wrong. Charles MacNeill was Spencer's best friend and always helped him and told him the truth. C.L. Tutt was the ruthless one

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