Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Movie "W"

We finally got to see the movie "W" sunday nite. We bought it at Target, most of the stores here are not selling it and of course it was never shown in any theatres here (also the movie "Religulous" is not going to be shown or sold here, I bought that thru amazon.com and it should arrive next week).

So, the long wait to see "W" is over. Oliver Stone did a very good job, he went down the middle of the road and left the choice up to the viewer. You could feel sorry for George or you could say to yourself, "Yep, I knew all along he was an idiot." No matter which way you went, the movie was good.

Josh Brolin did a supreme job as Bush and all the others did good also, the only one that was hard to accept was Rice.

And of course, we see once again, that the patients are running the asylum. The war has always been about greed and power, just as nam was. I can't help feeling a tad of pity for W, then I remind myself "the decisions make the man" and then I move on.

I was interested in seeing what the portrayal of Cheney was going to be. It showed what has already been shown, it left me a little sad for I knew Dick Cheney when I was a little girl. And I know there are people who hate him but I have to speak the truth.

No where does the movie or any newspaper show the young man Cheney who wanted to go into politics to do good and how he got involved with the wrong people, those people wanted to use him for thier own greed and they have.

The Cheneys are from Wyoming, (I'll be doing another blog on the Wyoming cattle wars later on)
actually Dick was born in Neb. but Wyoming was home. His wife went to Colorado College here in Colo. Springs so when Dick decided to pursue politics, his wife went to my family's foundation for support. What she didn't know was a plan was put into effect to set up her, her daughter and my mother. It worked and I will not go into the details. She got the money from Thayer Tutt Sr, Tutt's plan had worked, he was in favor and my family was in disfavor.

I was taken to the Cheney's ranch shortly after my father's death. The people who took me there were informed by Dick that he could not vouch for my safety. He made two other statements (1) the people that brought me would find out it was not the in thing to be loyal to the Penroses and (2) He didn't have to take orders from the Tutts. The first one hurt me to the quick (I would find out that it was true). I was returned to the state of Colorado fast. And that was the last time I saw the Cheney family.

I feel that Cheney did a good job when he was Secretary of Defense during Bush senior's term. He seemed to being doing the good he always wanted to do. Who knows what happened during "W's" term.

So, was this movie done to save the Bush's name and perpare us for Jeb running for President? If so, they won't get my vote!


Lydia said...

Fascinating story! You had a look into the corner of Cheney's young personality that is quite unique. So many of your stories sound like the old wild west!

No Bush ever did.....or ever will....get my vote.

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, thanks. I never thought of putting the dates down, this was in the early '60's. But, Colo. Springs always had an old west air about it. Maybe because it stayed small for so long.

I like the way you phrase your last sentence,I agree wholeheartly!

The Acolyte Tao said...

I want to go see the movie! However funnily enough, Religulous was never aired here so I had to stream the movie and watch it online from my computer. How lame, can't even go see a movie because of people's pathetic dogma. Ugh.
But P.S. Bush lives about 20minutes away from me now. Haha. Politics aside, I think it would be pretty neat to talk to him sometime just casually.


Looking to the Stars said...

Acolyte Tao, I agree, its lame!

You never know,you may bump into him and yes to talk to him as a person would be neat :)

Darlene said...

I think the name of Bush and Cheney have been so badly tarnished that only the right wing conservatives would vote for another Bush. I doubt that the Republican party would dare run Jeb now.

I read about Cheney in High School and how Lynne lied to take Dick away from the girl he was seeing. I really think Lynne is the power behind the throne and her opinions greatly influenced Dick. When he was still in office Dick made the comment that if Lynne had married someone else he would be V.P now.

I came to actively dislike Lynne when I used to watch her on Crossfire. She came across as a stubborn, opinionated harpy.

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene, I didn't know that about Lynne, I find it very intersting. And come to think of it, Lynne did say it was her idea that she went to my family's foundation.

I think your right, she is the power behind the throne and I bet she knows the Tutts very well. Two peas in a pod.

Good point about the republicans, I agree, the Bush's and Cheney's are done in politics.