Monday, January 11, 2010


Kenju (Judy) had a post the other day about businesses that go on the net to see what people say about them.

It made me stop and think about the HUGE responsibility that I, as a blogger/writer have. I must be honest above all else in my writing, I must try and see both sides of things. But most of all I must not use my writing as a punching bag to hurt others.

For so many of you, this is not a problem. For me, I started blogging to share my family history and the history of my town and the people in it. Along with this, comes people that have done bad things. So, I will try to be a little more fairer, more understanding of others feelings.


Kay Dennison said...

I never noticed either to any great degree.

The only people who I don't cut slack are the nasty talking head with no brains who talk and nothing and I bet you can't guess which news network I'm talking about!!! LOL

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, you are a sweetie. I love "the nasty talking head with no brains" comment :)

Beth Niquette said...

I have only heard the beauty in you, dear one. What has happened to you must be shared. Sometimes those bad things are what one must be honest about.

As long as you are truthful, fair and understanding--which I think you have been--that is all that matters.

Besides--you are lovely despite the horrible things you have had to face in your life.

I think you are amazing.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, your words have always been a healing balm to my heart, spirit and soul. Thank you

Beth Niquette said...

((hugs)) As I have written before, it is my privilege. You ARE truly amazing.

Looking to the Stars said...

Thanks Beth, I don't know what I would do with out your encouraging words :)