Saturday, January 9, 2010

Facebook Games

Okay, I said I would never join facebook but I did. My husband joined to hook up with his old buddies. Now, his friends are into the games they have on facebook and my husband got into them also.

So, he needed more friends for his FarmTown, that's where I come in. I joined to send him gifts for FarmTown, Cafe World and Fishville. For my computer it takes 15 minutes or longer for these games to load and it drives me crazy. So, I don't play them very often but I do send the much needed gifts :)

At Christmas time I sent out my yearly letter and told people my husband was on facebook. His cousins (he only has 4 left) all sent him requests. It was great, 2 of them are into the games also. They do Cafe World and Farmville. So, we added Farmville, this one hates to load on my computer for some reason.

But, I sent a friend request to MaryContrary and she said yes and she sent me a castle game which loads fast and I really enjoy it.

But all in all, I do not understand facebook. I tried to send a Happy New Year message to everyone with the pooh picture and it didn't work. So, all I do is click on the like button. Now, my husband's friends (I have only 2 of them on my thingy) post things. The latest one was a posting and picture of their expected baby scan. You know, the one they take when you are first p.g.
I was a little flabbergasted and decided this is a little more information then I really want. So, I am going to take a break from facebook. My husband can tell me anything new his friends post.


Beth Niquette said...

Hahaa...I have a facebook account under Beth L. Niquette. Funny thing, I discovered there is actually another Beth Niquette (minus the "L".) She's a teenager, quite lovely. Probably a distant relative of my husband...our name is so distinctive most people with that last name are related. (grin)

Looking to the Stars said...

Oh, you are on facebook, cool. Would you mind if I send you a friend request?

Your last name is very unusual, how neat to find someone with the same name. I love the names that are so unusual that they are all related. How neat!