Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gayle's Book

I was reading the morning paper and there is an article about Gayle Haggard and the release of her new book "Why I stayed: The Choices I Made In My Darkest Hour".

We all have had our darkest hour but Gayle's, I would say, has been the darkest. For those who are not aware of Ted and Gayle Haggard. Ted was the pastor of a church here called "New Life", he lost that church when a gay man made it public that Ted had an affair with him. To this day, I will always believe that Ted was set up.

I met Ted and Gayle when they had the church in a store front on Garden of the Gods Road. They were the most loving, compassionate people ever, you have to meet them to understand the love that comes out of these two. I told the people I had gone with, that their church must be very enlightened to have a gay pastor. I was told that I was mistaken and that's when I met Gayle, a most warm and delightful person and told she was Pastor Ted's wife.

If I could have seen the future, I would have hugged these two with all my might and asked for protection for them. But, I didn't. The church became a Mega church within a few years and stayed that way for a long time. Then the scandal, Ted had gone to a Denver hotel to write a book, the hotel gave him a card of a massage person. He decided to have a massage since he had been under a lot of stress. The person that came was a male who was gay and who made a pass at Ted.

Now, Ted had struggled with his gay side and he gave into it this time. A year later, the massage person came out public with this. Now, doesn't this sound like a set up, it does to me.

Now, Gayle has come out with her book telling her side of things and how this has made her marriage stronger.

Gayle and Ted are good people, may their lifes keep going strong.


Beth Niquette said...

How sad. How VERY sad.

My heart goes out to Gayle.

Kay Dennison said...

Yeah, I think he was probably set up, too.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, my heart also, goes out to Gayle, Ted and thier kids. Coming from a family where my mother was bi-sexual, I understand all sides of their family struggle. I watched my mother struggle with hatred for herself, watched my father's compassion and no matter what anyone says, this is not genetic. Just because my mother was this way does not and did not mean I would be the same. It is a choice and desire. The Haggard children have realtionships with the opposite sex just as I have had.

Kay, it's so obivious isn't it. He had a weakness which others knew about, he had a successful/profitable church that even reached into politics that others wanted and envied. It's so sad that he gave into that weakness.