Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mr. Gaylord and Me

My in laws came for a visit and as always, we where going to take them to The Tavern @ the Broadmoor for dinner.

I love The Tavern, the food always agrees with us, so I was looking forward to it but when I called for reservations, I was informed they were closed for remodeling. Bummer! We went to another place, not as good but okay.

I had been going down memory lane before this, remembering the first time I met Mr. Gaylord. (The Gaylord family now owns about 80% of the Broadmoor).

I was standing in the lobby with my father when Mr. Gaylord, a tall thin man, was taking his leave of the hotel. He came often for a visit.

He walked over to my father and said, "I didn't know you had any grandchildren." I piped up and said, "This is my daddy." Mr. Gaylord was quite shocked. He and my father conversed with Mr. Gaylord asking if my father was leaving the hotel to me. My father said yes along with her half sisters. Mr. Gaylord's face became very grave and he replied, "I see." They talked some more and came to a verbal agreement about something.

As he walked away, my father took my hand and said, "I'm going to sell the hotel to Mr. Gaylord." My father had to explain to me what that meant, I replied "But, where will you work?" My father laughed, he had a wonderful laugh, and said "Oh, I think I'll find something. Maybe, we'll travel. Would you like that?" I answered, "yes"

Then my father got real serious and said to me, "I want you to remember something, what ever happens and you end up with the hotel don't sell to anyone but Mr. Gaylord. I have given him my word and I expect you to honor my word, this is very important to me. Do you understand?" I nodded yes. He also said that he had arranged for me to have a home at the hotel as long as I lived and needed it. He said that Mr. Gaylord was a man of honor and I could trust him.

Things did not happen as my father planned, my father's will disappeared and so did I. My father's word to Mr. Gaylord was not honored. In the 1980's the Gaylord family were able to buy 65% of the hotel, in 1992 they were able to get 80%. The bottom line is Mr. Gaylord should have had the hotel in 1959.

He and my father have both passed on. I am the only one left who knows of a verbal agreement between two honest men and my father was a very honorable man.


Beth Niquette said...

What a fascinating memory. These things must go round and round in your mind sometimes. Wow--to have witnessed what you have seen, to know the things you incredible that you survived.

Like I've said before--you are amazing.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, some of my memories amaze me to. Whenever I think I am thru remembering, something will happen and there it is. But, my short term memory is failing. I'm not sure if its because I have so much from the past in there and I need more room or if it is something else.

I feel like I need to write all these memories down before they disappear. I think it comes from the fear that "they" made my memory disappear once and I am afraid they might do it to me again.

It is incredible that I'm alive but it cost others their lives. I have a heavy cross to bear.