Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Changeling, 2008 Movie

If any of you saw Clint Eastwood's movie, then you know it was done very well. But, Clint didn't have all the information about it. Did you ever wonder what happened to the little boy? Well, I'll tell you.
Above is a picture from my family album, the man with the hat is my father. The man in the middle is Jack Dempsey's little brother and his little girl, the man in the white pants is C.L. Tutt Jr. (and if you notice C.L. is a short man, he married a tall woman and 2 of his kids came out tall).
C.L. was a ladies man and he had lots of affairs, one of those affairs involved Christine (the woman in the movie). C.L. was the father of the little boy. In the movie the little boy asks about his dad, the reason he did this, C.L. was visiting him without Christine knowing about it.
Now, Christine is a telephone operator, she is told by either our government or the mob, to eavesdrop on a phone call. She doesn't do it, this is why her kid disappears. It was pay back for not doing what she was told to do.
Her little boy had his name changed to Karl, and when he got older he became my father's chauffeur. His girlfriend was my nanny. They talked a lot about his younger years and she would beg him to call his mother, he refused. He was hurt and didn't understand why his mother (Christine) said that someone else was her little boy. There was also the circumcision, which they did to him after Christine let it be known that he hadn't been.
My nanny explained a lot to Karl that he didn't know about. He was ranting about how his mom was crazy. Nanny explained to him about that and the movie did a great job on it. But what they didn't know was my dad paid for the lawyer to get Christine out. My dad felt sorry for her because she would never had been in that situation if she never would have started seeing C.L.
So, Karl had a good life. He married my nanny, they had kids. He was a Tutt the whole way and enjoyed them being his familyand the money that they had stolen. And he was a traitor to my father and me, maybe that's why he drank himself to death.
So, there you have it. that's what happened to that little boy. I wonder what his life would have been like if Christine had done what she had been told to do.


Kay Dennison said...


Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, I agree :)
The story behind the story. I have thought about sharing this for a few months and then "x" the idea.

Now, I feel that I need to put the truth out there on all things.

Darlene said...


Beth Niquette said...

Wow--that IS amazing. Goodness gracious.

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene & Beth, thanks. Life is weirder then fiction. But, I like to write fiction because I can make it where the good guy wins. In my life, the bad guy has always won. But, that's the real world

Lydia said...

I'm catching up with posts and wouldn't have missed this one for the world. I swear you have some of the most amazing true stories! The photo is great. I'm not sure which your father is, as there are two men holding hats. I assume he is the one on the left next to the chaffeur?

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, I had to chuckle and say to myself,"there are two men with hats?". So, I had to look at the pic again. You are right, there are two men with hats and yes, my father is the one next to the chaffeur :)

I have to admit that when I look at a picture with my father in it, he takes all my attention. Even after 50 years, I miss him.

My life has been filled with amazing people, little did I know that I would be sharing all that I know. I have an intense fire inside of me to let people know the truth. I don't know if this is a good thing or not :)