Saturday, October 24, 2009

Amelia Earhart's Scarf

Amelia Earhart in front of the Lockheed Electra in which she disappeared in July 1937 (picture courtesy of NASA and msnbc)

A new movie is coming out this week end about Amelia Earhart, we are going to wait for the DVD but another thing is going to happen in Nov. which involves Amelia.

Her lucky scarf (which she did not take on her fatal flight) is going up in space. It is going to be on the space shuttle Atlantis with Astronaut Randy Bresnik.

Randy is the grandson of Amelia's personal photographer, Albert Bresnik
Along with the scarf Randy is taking one of his grandfather's pictures and the coordinates for Howland Island. This is the island that Amelia was trying to find when she disappeared. He is going to try and take a picture of the island as they fly over it in the space shuttle.

The scarf is on loan from the Museum of Women Pilots in Oklahoma City. It was given to the museum by Amelia's family and has been on display along with pictures from Albert Bresnik.

This is not the first scarf of Amelia's to go into space, the first american woman to pilot and command the space shuttle, Eileen Collins, had another Earhart scarf from the collection and wore it on her first mission in 1995.

Purdue University has an Earhart scarf that flew on the 1990 mission to deploy the Hubble Space Telescope. And a watch that Amelia wore is going to space in 2010 with astronaut Shannon Walker.

Now, the only thing left is for us to find out, what happened to Amelia Earhart.


Beth Niquette said...

I've always wondered about her. My brother-in-law was a pilot with many stories of near-misses. I've always been partial to a good mystery. I just wish she could be here to tell us all about it.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, I've always wondered about her too. There was a story that a Japanese or Chinese fishing boat picked her up and kept her as a prisoner. I do not know if this is true.
I do not know if we will ever know the truth about what happened to her.

Darlene said...

This is a really interesting post. I remember hearing about Amelia when I was a child and I knew about the movie (bad revues for acting), but the rest of it is new to me. Thanks for the research.

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene, your welcome and thanks. I love finding out new things on Amelia, I never knew anything about her photographer or the museum in OK :)

Anonymous said...

Dropped by via Betty’s blog….

I just happened to have watched, I guess you could say, an ‘infomercial’ on HBO last night regarding the new Amelia Earhart movie. I am definitely a Hilary Swank fan and look forward to her portrayal of Amelia.

I think it is quite admirable that women continue to honor Amelia and her contributions to the advancement of women pilots and the many subsequent accomplishments for women with regard to flying. Taking the accompanying scarf’s is such a grand gesture.

As to ever finding the truth of Amelia’s fate, I doubt that may ever happen but do personally think the answer lies somewhere on the ocean floor. And that in itself does leave some hope that someday, just maybe…..

Alan G

Looking to the Stars said...

Alan G, thanks for stopping by :)

I agree with you, it is admirable that women continue to honor Amelia. Without this new film, I would not have found out about the museum or the many items of hers that have been taken on our space missions.

And yes, just maybe will find out what happened to her. Have a good one :)