Thursday, October 8, 2009


My family have known the Astor's for a long time, so when Brooke Astor was sick a couple of years ago, I sent a get well card to her. When she passed away, I did not find out about till a few weeks after. It was to late to send anything and with her death I felt a part of history had faded away.

Brooke Astor married into the Astor family in 1959, she had a son from her previous marriage, his name is Anthony Marshall. He is her only son and they say he was stealing from her. She was 105 years old when she passed away. Anthony is 85 years old.

I speak of this now because his trial is over, Brooke's attorney was also brought up on charges. They were found guilty but his lawyer is going to appeal. I felt very sad about this and even sadder when I read that he wasn't taking care of his mother. But, the thing I don't understand is, if she had all these friends, that the paper said she did, which include Barbara Walters and Henry Kissinger, then why didn't they say something to her son? Also, the person who brought these charges up was Anthony's son, Philip.

Now, if he was so concerned about his grandmother, then why didn't he make sure she was taken care of. Why didn't he pay for certain things she needed. Also, his dad is 85, shouldn't the son be looking out for his dad instead of taking him to court. Something's not right, things don't add up. Like Walter Cronkite said, you don't get to the truth till you hear both sides of the story.

But, I will tell you, to me, it looks like the grandson is a greedy SOB and he wants his own father out of the way. I could be wrong, I don't know the whole story but it looks fishy to me.

Anthony had legal power over his mother's estate. So, he could spend the money. I see greed and envy in the grandson but not the son. And like I said I could be wrong. If Anthony was taking such bad care of his mother, how did she live sooo long. It looks like Philip's lawyer got the jury caught up in legal issues that they didn't understand. Anthony's lawyer should have proven (and there is proof) how well he took care of his mother.

I know greed, I have been a victim of greed since I was 3 years old. Philip wants all the money, he doesn't want to wait till his dad dies. OMG, he might live to be 105 like Brooke. They also threw in the pity vote, that the will was changed to exclude certain charities. I bet she did exclude them and I bet her grandson Philip has a postion with each charity that was excluded.

I will tell you now that Anthony is getting the shaft, this never should have been taken to court. And as far as the grandson Philip, he needs to be slapped. And the question put to him, "Why didn't YOU help your grandmother if things were so bad!"

That's my beef for the week. Greed sickens the mind, soul and spirit.


Beth Niquette said...

Well said. WELL said!

Greed indeed sickens the mind soul and spirit. Thank God the wicked will not always triumph.

Take care, gentle friend.

kenju said...

I read an article in Vanity Fair about this and they were not favorable to Anthony at all. I meant to watch 2020 tonight,to see what they'd have to say about it.

Darlene said...

Lord Acton's famous quote about 'power corrupts' could also be true if the word money is substituted for power.

What a sad commentary on family relationships.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, thank you and well said to you - "the wicked will not always triumph"

Kenju, let me know what was said on 2020 if you watched it. I didn't hear that they were going to have it on (darn). I know that no one is on his side but no one is looking at the postive things, only the negative. They are protraying him as a vulture. I see him as a son who has had to watch his mother die inch by inch and who did not remember a # of things (altzheimers is what she had). Plus he is 85, does he have a touch of his mom's illness?

Darlene, You hit the nail on the head, money does corrupt. It truly is a sad commentary on family relationships. My heart hurts for all of them.

Beth Niquette said...

Thank you dear one, for your comment on my page today! I LOVE mermaids. (grin) I'll be interested to hear what your ancient book has to say about them.

I was thinking about your life again sad your eyes looked in that photo of you on your birthday so long ago.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, your welcome. So, far the book has not had any more info but I'm not done reading it :)

Yes, I could not smile for that picture. My knee hurt and my little purse was broken. My dad promised to buy me a new purse but he never got the chance. But, the neatest thing happened 3 years ago. My husband bought me a new purse and I felt a healing in my soul when he did that. I didn't even know I was still wounded in my heart till I felt a wholeness by his act :)