Monday, September 28, 2009

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

The Beatles classic song that people thought was written about drugs, in fact, was inspired by a little girl.

Lucy Vodeen, age 46, of Surrey England passed away last week from lupus.

The true story of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is this:

Julian Lennon, 4 years old, came home from school one day with a drawing that he had done. He presented to his father, John Lennon (who was working on a album called Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Band Club). He told his dad it was Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

That inspired John to write the song we all know. Julian (who is living in France now) lost contact with his friend Lucy when his parents were divorced but they reconnected years later.

Julian would send her flowers for her garden, to put a smile on her face, during her fight with lupus.

So, the song was inspired by a child, who was inspired by a child, who inspired a father, who inspired the world.

Life is a simple thread that connects us all.


Lydia said...

I had forgotten the story about the origin of the song, and did not know that Lucy had died. This is beautiful. Your final sentence is powerful.

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, thank you. Am thinking of writing a story called "A Simple Thread", about a girl and a thread of circumtances that connect a number of people from differant times. :)
still in the thought process

Beth Niquette said...

Wow--I did not know that story. I have always loved that song. It means even more now.

I wanted to thank you for your encouragement over these past few months. You are a lovely person and I'm privileged to know you.

That you have made it through your life, is a miracle in itself. ((hugs))

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, glad you liked it, you know me, I always like to print the truth about something :)

I'm glad I have been an encouragement to you. You and your family have been thru a lot and came thru to the other side.

I can say I feel the same way about you, YOU are a lovely person and I'M privileged to know you :)

I am still wondering why I have made it thru all the things life has thrown at me. I think its to share what really happened to my father and what was going on in my family. I could be wrong but as of today that's what I think.

you take care little one :)