Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where An Address Leads

picture courtesy of PPLD
This is a picture of my dad, Merton and Ruth Bogart, it says they are on the SS Empress of Canada. Of course I always check these things out, mainly because at PPLD they said Merton was my dad's secretary. Merton was C.L. Tutt's secretary, so that was one strike against this pic.
So, I did my detective work. Yes, they were on the same ship. My dad in 1st class, the Bogart's were in cabin. My dad's destination was Niu, Honolulu. The Bogart's destination was 5621 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu. Both places are Niu, so I don't know where my folks stayed.
But, I followed the address and this is what I found:
200 years ago King Kamehamha I gave 2,400 arces to Alexander Adams, a British sea captain. The captain was head of the kings first navy. The land passed down to Adams grand daughter, Mary Lucas.
Starting in the 1950's much of the land was subdivided into residential housing going to Mary's children Charlotte Cassiday and Mary Pfluger. Her grandson, Ben Cassiday Jr was given 5699 Kalanianaole Highway in 1940, he got the property 5621 when Mary died in 1965.
I don't know if Mary lived at 5621 when my parents went to Honolulu or if she rented it or if one of her relatives lived there. But there is a tie there, Ben Cassiday Jr. is now a retired Air Force General. He was at the Air Force Academy here in the Springs from 1955-1959. He has lived at the 5621 address since 1973, he retired in 1972. His son, Ben Cassiday III has lived at the 5699 address since 1982.
And wouldn't you know, this family is in a dispute over the family money and trusts. When I read about the feud, it was like welcome to the club. But, at least in my case it wasn't my own family member's, it was my dad's lawyer that stole from me. At least these people are old enough to fight back. I was 3 and I had no one on my side.
But, I thought it a hoot that an address would connect Mary Lucas, Ben Cassiday, my parents, the Tutt's and Merton Bogart all together. And what's happening to the Cassiday's now, happened to me many years ago.
You never know where an address will lead :)


Beth Niquette said...

Wow--the story of your family would make a great novel. It is extraordinary--you must wonder about all these intrigues and secrets. It is all very fascinating.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, I am working on a manuscript of my family, mostly my dad :)

But, it is very dry. I've been thinking of doing what the guy who did Roots did and combine fact and fiction. It would make it easier to read but I am such a truth person that I feel it would be an insult to my family if I added any fiction. Its a struggle I'm going thru right now and it has slowed my manuscript way down.

But isn't it a hoot about this address, you never know where a path will lead you :)

Beth Niquette said...

Hello my dear!

I have some advice my own darling Mum gave to me years ago. When you write, include action with the sentence. For example, here's the dry way: "I like it," she said.

Here's the action way: Stuffing the hot potatoe hastily into her mouth, she mumbled, "I like it."

(grin) If you are writing about facts, try to help your reader visualize what you are saying. Help them see, smell and touch what you are writing.

I also wanted to let you know I do sell my artwork, but on a personal basis. I have a website linked to, but the prices listed are too high for the economic tribulations we're having--I haven't had time to change 'em.

Thank you for asking. I'm so honored that you did. Have a wonderful day--and God bless you as you write about the truth of what happened to you and your family.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, thanks for the in put. I'll try that to put life into my manuscript. I need to pop over to your website and check out your art work.

You have a wonderful day also. (I left comments on the other blog for you, I was surprised when there was comments on it) Thanks for all your postive energy :)