Monday, September 27, 2010

The Dark Cloud Has Lifted

picture courtesy of John Crossley
In 1972 a woman in California shared a dream she had of Colorado Springs, Colorado. A black cloud covered Pikes Peak and the whole city. What she did not know was at the same time, the city of Colorado Springs told the American Indians in the region, that they could no longer have their pow wow's at the Garden Of the Gods.
The Garden of the Gods had always been the sacred gathering place for the Indians for over 3,400 years. Complaints had come in from residents about the drumming and that the grass & flowers had been trampled. The drumming part is true, the other is not. To this day no one can find the names of those complaints. I know why those complaints were made and who was behind them but that is another story. Today, I tell the story of victory.
After 32 years, on September 25th (my wedding anniversary also), the Garden of the Gods had it's first pow wow. before the pow wow began, the American Indians had to make it sacred once more.
Eugene Redhawk lifted his gourd, shook it and moved across the dry grass in the dance of sanctification. Then came a procession of the American Indian flag of buffalo and eagle feathers, followed by other flags including the flag of the United States.
Once the the grounds were blessed they danced, the drums beat and healing of our land and city began. Sandy Turcotte, a Chippewa Indian said, "This is a healing step, its the first healing step I've seen in a long time." Sebrena Forrest, a Mohawk said, "This feels like coming home again."
Being born in this city and seeing what has happened to it, I dance the dance of VICTORY. To long have we been in darkness, a dark cloud covering our lands. The Garden of the Gods, is once more sacred ground where the American Indian can come with the song and dance of healing.
Our city will once more be blessed.


Lydia said...

What an inspiring story I am so happy that the Garden of the Gods has been returned, cleansed, and celebrated once more. It was too long in coming, but at least the day came. I send congratulations.

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, thank you. I agree, it was too long. I have felt giddy about it since Sat :)
I see good things to come, not only for our city but for our country :)

Beth Niquette said...

I've always felt the Indians' great love for the Creator, He whom they called The Great Spirit, to be beautiful in God's sight.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, me too :)