Friday, September 10, 2010

A Real Man

A real man is a woman's best friend.
He will never stand her up
and never let her down.
He will reassure her when she feels insecure
and comfort her after a bad day.

He will inspire her to do things she never thought
she could do:
to live without fear and forget regret.
He will enable her to express her deepest emotions
and give in to her most intimate desires.
He will make sure she always feels as though
she is the most beautiful woman in the room
and will enable her to be the most confident,
sexy, seductive and invincible.

wait..........sorry......I'm thinking of wine.

It's wine that does all that...............

Never mind.


Beth Niquette said...

No---it's true. I never would have done the things I have done--singing and acting in front of an audience, without the encouragement of my darling Husband.

He saw things in me I didn't know myself. Ah, my Darling is wonderful.

YOu must have the same sort of fellow in your life to write such lovely things. Wine or not.


Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, yes when I first read this, I kept saying to myself "yes, thats my hubby" and when I got to the end I gasped and then LMAO :)

So, I had to share it knowing others would do just as I did :)

Lydia said...

It is a blessing to have a man who not only loves you for who you are but also encourages you to be more. :)

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, very well said :)