Saturday, October 2, 2010

Penrose's, Chew's & Baber's

We watched the new Robin Hood & Prince of Persia movies. They both are great, I think this Robin Hood is the closest to the real truth than any other. Both movies had 2 things in common: destiny & karma. I'd like to share with you my own family's destiny & karma.

The Penrose's, Chew's & Baber's are old English families. All 3 were knights of the Crusades, all 3 were knights of the templar, all 3 lived in the Somerset/Bristol area. Penrose & Baber were physcians of King Richard & King John. The 3 families had a bond that would expand for centuries, without some of them even knowing it.

In the 1600's Penrose & Chew would leave England. Penrose to Philadelphia, Chew to Maryland. Chew would sell his manor called "Chew Manor" to Baber. The manor has kept its name to this day. The Baber family would fall into displeasure with the power that ruled England, one family was allowed to stay & keep Chew Manor while the others were sent to Virginia, New Zealand & Austrilia.

The Penrose & Chew families would unite in marriage, my grandfather & grandmother. The Baber family would go from Virginia to South Carolina then to Colorado.

In the 1950's my father being a Chew/Penrose would become friends with Frank Baber & his sister Zona. After my fathers death, it was Frank Baber that would take me as his foster daughter & raise me.

The Penrose, Chew & Baber family circle completed. I believe in destiny, tho I do not know its reason.


Kay Dennison said...

Interesting!!!! I'm descended from the Highland Scots who painted themselves blue and fought with William Wallace against English tyranny. They eventually became Quakers and emigrated here where they, contrary to their faith, fought in the Revolution and were among the first to settle Ohio. It explains a lot to me and I'm proud of it. LOL

Lydia said...

That is wonderful you know the history of your family and that you share it here. I was unaware that there was a special someone who raised you after your father's death. :)

Thank you so much for your considerate wishes for our lost cat, Onyx. Best news to leave: he returned home late Saturday afternoon. He was back as suddenly as he had disappeared. And he is not sharing the mystery, no he is not!

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, I find your family history fascinating! I did not know that Scots who came to America became Quakers. I love the Scots, they are fascinating :) thanks for sharing with me :)

Lydia, thank you. Frank was one of my dad's best friend. At the end of his life Frank was the only one left my dad could trust.

Oh, I'm thrilled Onyx is safe & back home! And, of course he will not share where he's been (lol) :) thanks for letting me know :)

Beth Niquette said...

What is the story? Life is like looking at a tapestry from beneath, it is only later when we can look at life from God's perspective in Heaven, that we see the finished tapestry.

((hugs)) We just need to trust God as He creates beauty in ways we cannot understand. Thank goodness He knows what the finished tapestry will be.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, you are such a sweetie :)