Monday, February 8, 2010

Odds and Ends

I've only done one post for Feb., boy am I slipping :)

We haven't had much work, a day or two here and there. It started snowing yesterday and its still snowing off and on.

My internet service announced that they were changing things and I would have to register again with them. They have gotten worse over the last 10 years, so I am changing. In fact, I got rid of them. They handled our long distance also, so I got someone else for that.

A telephone repair guy is coming tomorrow. We have a had terrible static and a radio station coming over the phone for the last few months. We did everything the phone company said to do and still no relief. We have lived here for 10 years going on 11 and they want to tell me its our phones. I don't think so but I have to pay $85.00 to find that out, that's how much its going to cost to have a repair guy come :(

I had a wonderful email from a guy in PA. He had read my post about Grace Goodyear and the El Pomar house. He has a picture album of the house and a few of Grace and her kids for sale. I cannot afford it but I have trying to get a hold of one of the trustees for my fathers foundation. The pictures really need to belong in its archives. So, far I haven't been able to reach Bill, most likely he's out of town but I will keep trying :)

I have been getting some really weird comments in Japanese. Lydia from Writersquake helped me in the translating. I cannot thank her enough for teaching me about the google translator.

But, other than that guys, I am baby stepping my way thru life. Take care


Darlene said...

I hope your snow isn't too deep. I was snowed in twice in C. S. so know it can happen.

I change providers, also. I also am changing my medical alarm company. They raised the rate $5 a month and now I even have to pay to send their equipment back. I told them that they had very poor customer relations and no wonder they were losing business.

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene, we only got 4 inches but I know what you mean about being snowed in. It happens but not this year. One thing about C.S. if you wait a day the sun will come out and melt things (as long as the wind doesn't come with it)

That is terrible that you have to pay to send the equipment back. I cannot stand a company that rips off the customer. Glad you're getting rid of them!