Friday, February 19, 2010

Movie NIght

We had movie night, the first one was "The Time Travelers Wife". It was okay but I would have written it another way. One big thing to write different would be for him to keep his clothes on when he time traveled. I rate it a D.

"Amelia Earhart" was the other one, I give it a C. Its the typical story we heard in school, except she has an affair. It was okay but I was expecting more. It was a Hollywood story, leaving out truths that should have been there.

Hollywood has always had a chance to get the truth of history out but they haven't done it. Like the Titanic, it was a good movie but didn't tell the truth and they made it a well done romance movie. Oh well, its entertainment, just barely.


kenju said...

My husband gets mad when a movie doesn't follow a book closely or the director takes too many liberties.

Re your comment: yes, the drywall was wet close to the floor - about 10" up from the baseboards - but the floor wasn't wet, nor was the subfloor in the knee wall, which the plumber checked after he cut out the section of drywall.

INCHWORMART 2009 said...

I get annoyed also when a book is not followed. It often changed the whole story.

Kay Dennison said...

Nothing annoys me more than when they change a perfectly good ending.

Betty said...

I may be one of the few people who didn't like Titanic, just because of the love story angle. I was expecting better.

MaryContrary said...

I take the movies on their own terms and books on theirs. Not all books make good movies (and vice versa, for those movies novelized after the fact.) I remember watching The Fellowship of the Ring and noticing all of the changes from the novels. But all of the changes made for a better movie without detracting from the original story. The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy are the only films I like as much as I like the books.

On Hollywood's use of history in film--film and cultural historians have noted for a long time that the films tell more about the time they were made than about the historical time portrayed. During the early years of WWII Hollywood produced a film titled 'Tennessee Johnson' loosely based on the life of President Andrew Johnson. They emphasized his rise from poverty to prosperity, his struggle for universal (white) manhood suffrage, his dedication to the Union without once showing that Johnson was a slaveholder. In fact no black person appeared in the film at all. A major inaccuracy if ever there was one. But then I don't think even 'history' is always all that 'accurate.'

arlee bird said...

Your reviews of those movies pretty concur with most of the critics as well. I will probably see TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE only because time travel is one of my favorite genre concepts, but I will probably be disappointed. Did you see any of the Terminator movies? He always travelled thru time naked and had to look for clothes which made for some funny scenes.

Darlene said...

I am especially incensed when Hollywood makes a movie of historical times and completely skews the real history. The viewers think it's what really happened and think they know the history of the period from the movie. It's bad educationally.

Looking to the Stars said...

Judy, we feel the same way. I hate it when a director goes down his own path.

I hope you find out what is making the drywall wet. Thanks for the update :)

Inchwormart, I feel the same way!

Betty, I was expecting better too because I had read what they were going to do. It was a surprise when I saw it and they did not do what they had said and they had made it into a romance story. I was bummed beyond belief.

Mary, I loved the Lord of the Rings too! The books and movies! Peter Jackson did an excellant job in making the leap from book to movie. And I agree, it didn't detract from the books.

I haven't heard of "Tennessee Johnson", what a shame they didn't do history justice. And once again, I agree and am proff that history is not always accurate.

Arlee Bird, hi! I am a time traveler fan also! I had forgotten about "The Terminator" and you are right they time traveled without clothes. How did I forget Arnold's bottom :)
Plus it did make for some good scenes. They were very creative.
Do you remember "Quantum Leap"? they solved that problem with him ending up in someone elses clothes and life :) I like that better.

Kay, oh I hate that it too. When I know the ending and am expecting it then it doesn't happen, it bungles the whole movie for me.

Darlene, I agree with you wholeheartdly. I was so surprised when I started my family research and discovered historical things that I had been taught and saw in movies to be total bs. It's very sad.

arlee bird said...

Quantum Leap is one of my all-time favorite TV shows and it did indeed have a unique approach. I liked the spiritual implications of the show as well. I have the complete series on the DVD sets that came out over the last several years.

Kathy said...

Inchwormart says...I'm following you from another blog site now...SNIPPETS...I had way too many blogs going at one time and consolidated them all into one...I'll be following you from the one I kept...Snippets.

Looking to the Stars said...

Arlee Bird, we like to have complete dvd sets of our favorite series too. Quantum Leap is on the list but haven't gotten it yet :)

Kathy, thanks for letting me know. "Snippets", I like that title :)