Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They Walk Among Us

I get really pissed off at the newspaper here sometimes because they don't always print the truth or they don't print it at all.(PBS here and the Pikes Peak Library fall in there too). But once in awhile a rouge reporter will slip in the truth.

So, I have been working on my book and needed to look at some old newspaper clippings I have and found this story which I am going to share with you. No, its not about aliens. :)

On Dec. 7, 1961 a phone call is made to the Sheriffs office that a G.I. was holding a number of civilians at gun point at Petersen Field (Pete field is an Air Force base). The Sheriff, deputies, military police and CID (criminal investgation division) go top speed to the place. It appeared that the Army was engaged in a security operation and no one was informed.

Henry Wood of Kensair Corp who had offices on Petersen Field tried to leave his office and was told at gunpoint to get back in his office or he would be shot. He and his employees (the number goes from 21 to 40) were held for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The Army operation involved an aircraft which was standing outside Woods office. It had been there since last night. The Army went into the denial thing, then the next day Dec. 8, 1961, the Army apologized for it's gestapo tactics and all was forgotten.

On July 18, 1976 another rougue reporter uncovers what was going on and they printed it! Since 1958 the CIA had been training Tibetains for guerrilla warfare here in good ole Colorado. They would fly them into Pete field, bus them up to a training camp near Leadville, train them, bus them back to Pete field and fly them home. Henry Wood and his employees got caught in the middle of a transfer because the bus hit an icy road and was late.

I have always known that the CIA has been around here in Colo Springs, even long before I was born. They would stay at the lodge, do what they were suppose to do and disappear. My father's second cousin was a CIA operative, he taught at the university in Beruit in the 60's. They walk among us and yes, Virginia you too can grow up to be a spook! :)
Maybe, I should've saved this for my Holloween story. Oh, well I didn't, so here you have it folks another day in Colorado Springs in the year 1961.


Kay Dennison said...

Of course they do! A guy I grew up with was an agent.

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, thanks. Its nice knowing I'm not alone. I tell people that the CIA have been in the Springs for a long time and they look at me like I have two heads. They (meaning the CIA) are just regular people like you and I.
Hope your hand is doing better.