Thursday, April 23, 2009

They Called Them Enemies

This is a picture of Gladys McMillan aka Countess Cornet de Ways Ruart.
If you see this picture any where else it will say that it is Julie Penrose, that
is not true.

Gladys did not have an easy life, her father, James McMillan (son of a senator) died when she was around 9, her brother died the same year as her father. She inherited most of her father's wealth. Her nickname was Jewel and her grandmother McMillan was a saving grace for her. After her father's death she lived with her grandmother, seeing her mother rarely. A car accident almost claimed her life but she lived.

She went to school in Europe and spoke french. When her mother remarried she told the man that he was not her father and never would be. My father told her he understood and did not expect her to call him father. My father was treated as an outsider in her family but never took it personal.

Gladys married a count from Belgium as many did in those days. What these women did not know, is that during war time the United States government would take thier trust funds and property leaving them with no money. The government took over 21 million dollars from these women and called them enemies. The list is staggering, a few of these women were Gladys Vanderbilt Szechcnyi daughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt, they took 9 million away from her. The widow Baroness Cornelia Roosevelt Zedlitz daughter of Charles Roosevelt, they took 1,200,000 from her. Countess Marguerite Victorine de Setuers Obendorff, related to the Astors and shared in Jacob Astors estate. Then of course there was Gladys, Countess Cornet de Ways Ruart, they took over 5 million from her, all of it was from her father.

I don't believe that our government had the right or even has the right to take away people's money and property in war time. Even worse is to call them enemies. This is a part of American history that is ugly but all countries have an ugly side.


The Acolyte Tao said...

Very ugly side of history, but I don't mind them taking money away from the Vanderbilt family...(they have too much anyways)
I loathe them with a passion in line with the Heinz, Rockefeller, & Rothschilds.
They make me sick to my stomach honestly...

Beth Niquette said...

Amen to your comment about the ugly side. However, how lovely that you are here to tell the story to the rest of us.

As my Mother always says, "Everybody loves a story."

Thank you for sharing this story.

Lydia said...

Fascinating! I'm trying to get the relationship straight in my mind....was Gladys your step-sister?

MaryContrary said...

As I read your post I had a couple of thoughts. First, I wondered if any of the male relatives of these women lost part or all of their money and if any made any protest. Some of the names indicated that they should have had political connections. The other was a memory of a study (Devil In The Shape Of A Woman, I think it was) of the witchcraft trials, not just in and around Salem but throughout the colonies in the 17th centuries. Many of the victims were women who controlled considerable property inherited from fathers or husbands. Often these inheritances were bitterly contested by male family members. It is ugly and recurs all too often.

Looking to the Stars said...

Acolyte Tao, I have always loathed greed also.

Beth, thank you and thank you for sharing your art with the rest of us :)

Lydia, Gladys was my half sister. We did not share the same father but had the same mother. As you can see Gladys got our mothers beauty, the only thing I got from her was my temper (my father really hated that part of me). I look like a Penrose. People here in the Springs, if they knew my mother, gasp when I get mad because I'm the spitting image of her (its very ugly) and I try not to get mad :)

MaryContrary, children of these females (male and female) had thier money taken also. I hadn't heard that about the Salem trials but it makes so much sense and you are right it is ugly and recurs far too much even in our time. Yes, protest was made, my father was one of them but you can't beat the government. The only thing my father said was that it cost him a lot when he fought against this. He never clarified what the cost was, money, life, limb or property? It's one of the answers I don't have but I do know that my father said that he didn't mind at all in doing it and would do it over again for her. :)

gold_divine_platinum said...

this is bunch of lies, Gladys is dead, and I am one of her grandchildren, and so wasnt Anna Nicole Smith, may all of you go to hell, for stealing our money, Dawn Pomar, Rose, NY, no one stole the money except for the relatives of Gladys and our illegitimate fathers family. period. I will not let you tell your lies any longer. Thick as thieves.

gold_divine_platinum said...

Mary Carey and Walter Pomar,Helen Pomar(GA) originally in Tondawanda, where Helen gave drugs to Ann, (onU) was here nickname, shortened for call the police " on u". Ann was made incoherent by the drugs given to her by Helen Pomar, who now lives in Georgia, spending money. Ladimar Pomar tried to give me a trust fund of some monies but stolen by Alice Daniels Pomar and Dennis and Carmen Colliani, NJ. When Ladimar was alive, i heard him and dennis(his son) arguing, and ladimar told him to get his own money that this was mine. Dennis met with David Pomar and David apparently made a deal to get his share of money? Faith Pomar mimicks me and believe she is defrauding where the trust fund is ? PNC FNB National Bank. Can someone call the police? Can someone do something? Its a Civil matter? I want my trust fund. Dawn Pomar 4011 Main St, Rose, NY 14542 EVERYHING THAT HAS A BEGINNING HAS AN END TO. THE END IS COMING FOR THE STORY TO BE SET STRAIGHT. IN THE NAME OF JESUS, PLEASE RESCUE ME FROM THESE EVIL PEOPLE, AND BRING THEM TO THE LIGHT ALL THE EVIL THAT THEY DO, AND LAUGH WHILE THEY DO IT. WHEN MY MOTHER AND FATHER FORSAKE ME, THE LORD SHALL TAKE ME UP.

Looking to the Stars said...

Gold Divine, I just found this post. I am going to write to you.

Looking to the Stars said...

Gold Divine, also are you talking about Gladys McMillen or Gladys Vanderbilt?

Looking to the Stars said...

Gold Divine, after reading your posts again, I will not contact you except thru my blog. Are you Gladys McMillen's granddaughter? I have recently discovered that the true Julie Penrose (who has dark hair & dark eyes) died in the 1930's. I do not know where she is buried, I know she wanted to be buried with Gladys in Belgium.

My mother Dorothy Palmer Penrose was a friend of both Julie & Gladys. Gladys died in 1952 and she & I are not related as I believed when I posted this (see comment to Lydia). If you have more info on Gladys I would love to hear it. As of this date, I know that Gladys's daughter was living in England with her daughter. I know Gladys had other children but I do not know any names or where abouts. I hope you will respond.