Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Back on 2012

We had a busy year, hubby had to learn to draw autocad in a totally different way. We had to invest a good deal of money into the business to do this. He also had to become AWI certified.

We bought a new car, new to us, we never buy new new cars, lol.

I hurt my back and I have therapy 3 times a week, I will be moving to 2 days a week soon :)

We spent Thanksgiving with the in laws, tho it was a week after Thanksgiving because that is when I hurt my back.

The boys are doing good with a new vet.

We are no longer on facebook.

And I am learning inner peace.

I know some of you lost loved ones this past year and I grieved with you, others welcomed newcomers into their ranks and I rejoiced with you.

The circle of life continues as we go into 2013, I wonder what the year holds for us, whatever it is we will laugh, cry and move forward.

May your year be a blessed one :)


MaryContrary said...

Good to see you back on the blog, Lois. Sounds like the business might be turning up and good to hear that the boys are doing better with the new vet. Hope your back problems improve in this new year. I haven't been on Facebook more that a couple of times over the past three years. It is boring. I probably should cancel my account but almost all of the rest of the family are on it. Hope 2013 is very good to you.

Looking to the Stars said...

Mary, thanks :)
yes the business is doing good, the company we work for is continuing to keep us busy, which we are thankful for :)

my back is doing much better thanks to my Dr., he is the greatest!!!

I know how you feel about FB, it is boring :)
Since I am the only person left in my family I didn't have any family members but I did have my husbands cousins as friends. I miss chatting with them and hearing about their lives but I can shoot them an email whenever I want :)

Take care :)

Kay Dennison said...

Glad to see you back!!!! Been there, done that with the back pain -- two herniated discs withe successful surgery (and a healthy respect with how I treat it). Now I have arthritis in my back -- yuck!!!

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, wow, I'm glad you had success with your back surgery. I have heard such horror stories. Mine is not that bad and like you I am treating my back with all new respect to keep it healthy :)

But, to have arthritis there must be painful. I feel for you, will be sending you postive energy in every thought :)

Beth Niquette said...

I have been quite out of touch over this past year. Daddy had a stroke and died a month or so later. That was a tremendous blow--a part of me left with Dad.

Then two days after Daddy's memorial, my husband had robotic surgery to remove his cancer.

This Monday he goes in for his 6 month meeting with the surgeon to go over test results.

I'm praying they are all good. In the meantime, I am helping my Mom with whatever I can. She is such a wonderful, delightful woman.

She would like you, you know. And you would like her. Daddy found out just before he died, that Mumsie had sold another book. It will be out in a year or so. It will be the newest in the Quilts of Love Series. A Stitch in Time. It is the love story of my great great grandparents.

May The Great Creator bless you with joy and peace, my sweet friend.