Friday, May 6, 2011

DVD Sales Are Down

DVD sells are down, duh. Who in their right mind is going to buy any of the stupid movies they are making now.

We have a huge DVD collection, the new ones we bought: 'The King's Speech' (most excellent), 'Harry Potter' (the latest one), 'Chronicles of Narnia' (the latest one), 'Toy Story' (the latest one), 'Fair Game' (excellent).

What we didn't buy but saw: "Gulliver's Travels' (boo), 'The Green Hornet' (don't even bother seeing this one especially if you were a green hornet fan), Megamind (phooey), 'How Do You Know' (this was so bad I can't remember what its about), 'Little Fockers' (loved the first 2 but not this one).

If they want dvd sales to go up then they need to make good movies. I am sick of seeing people throw up in movies! That is not funny and guess what movie makers the 13 year olds that you are targeting are now older and they don't like. The new 13 year olds don't want it either so get a clue and stop putting in the throw up scenes. Its stupid!

To make a good movie you have to have a good story. Not a bad remake of a good story. Hollywood is going down faster then the Titanic, who would have thought this would happen.

Take care and have a nice week end


Snowbrush said...

I had to laugh since the last DVD I bought--last week in fact--was a two volume set of the 1950's TV show "Judge Roy Bean." I literally can't remember ever buying a recently released movie. No, wait, I did order one, but that was several years back.

MaryContrary said...

Agreed! My latest purchases include a collection of 1950s sci-fi and the original Sabrina. We often laugh because we would rather watch the old Thin Man, Charlie Chan, or other oldie-but-goodie than anything either on TV or on DVD.

Snowbrush said...

Mary, try Busby Berkeley.

Looking to the Stars said...

Snowbrush, Judge Roy Bean, that sounds like a good one :) Busby Berkeley, I have to look up. I'm very curious about that one.

Mary, the original Sabrina, I've been racking my brain to remember who starred in that one, gonna have to google it :)
Ohhh, the Thin Man is great and how I loved Charlie Chan.

Kathy said...

I am laughing because I love all my old movies best. Give my Moonstruck, Sound of Music, African Queen...and especially Enchanged April. I love Sabrina too...both versions.

Looking to the Stars said...

Kathy, I'm with you, give me the oldies anytime :)