Friday, June 19, 2009

It's A Wild Life Or Is It Wildlife

We live in beautiful Colorado Springs, on the southeast side. It's more of the plains but we have a beautiful view of the mountains. The west side is closer to the mountains and wild animals are always coming down.

It's not unusual for a bear to roam the golf course of the Broadmoor, deer are always grazing on your lawn and we have a moose that likes the creek by Colorado College. Out on the plains you know that there are antelopes, foxes and coyotes. The antelopes are the ones you usually see. Growing up here you believe that it is as natural as the sun coming up.

But, the last few months we have had a fox and a coyote in our back yard. The fox got one of the neighbor's cats, bummer. But, yesterday a young bear got lost and found himself at Wal Mart, he didn't bother with the Citadel Mall which was a hop, skip and a jump from there. He also wandered in a few yards (not ours, thank goodness). The wild life people captured him and took him back to the mountains.

My dogs wouldn't go out yesterday without us, now I know why. Poor Galileo, he just wanted to sit in my lap and he shook the whole time. Just the smell of the bear scared him. This is unusual, for the wildlife to come in so close on the south side. It shows me that they have built far too much and food is getting scarce.

It's a wildlife here :) hope everyone has a good week end!


MaryContrary said...

Unfortunately, the largest consequence from our actions will fall on the animals.

Looking to the Stars said...

MaryContrary, so right you are. have a good day, kiddo :)

Darlene said...

When I was home we were driving through the new (to me) housing development at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain and a Mama black bear crossed the road followed by her cub. I am still moaning about the fact that my camera was broken and I missed a wonderful shot.

When we build in their habitat it is so hard on the wildlife.

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene, That would've been a good picture. My heart aches that we have built so much here.
I know you remember when the people in charge wouldn't let them build, they kept the town small and the wildlife benefited from it. That's all changed and they are suffering. I look around and wonder if we should move to a smaller town.

Beth Niquette said...

Goodness! A bear in town--the same thing happened in our state sometime back in the Spring. He was wandering along the interstate. Recently a lady was ordered to move away from her place, because she was feeding the bear. The bear then came in and began to destroy people's property, and four of them had to be put down.

I remember visiting Colorado Springs on our trip to the East Coast in 2002. It was a lovely place.