Monday, June 1, 2009

Bill Maher Fan

My husband and I are BIG Bill Maher fans. He always tells it like it is and is totally honest about himself along with bringing out the truth about this country and its people.

He is the only one to come out and tell the truth that W (George W. Bush), was a coke head (cocaine). Yes people, W loves the white stuff. He was a big friend of the Tutts and the Broadmoor was like a second home. When someone does something in my backyard then I know about it :)
And yes its true that he drank a lot also but the coke and booze is not my point because I don't really care about other peoples vices until they are running our country :) but the point is, Bill had the guts to talk about it where everybody else was running away from it in terror.

So, anyway Bill had two Republicans on his show and they were talking about how the republicans are coming up with a new plan(OMG). My husband and I talked about this after the show, the plan that they will problay come up with is World War 3 (they never said what the plan is).

Well, people that means we have to keep Obama in office AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. The Republicans are already trying to screw up what Obama is trying to do. So lets screw the Republicans up by keeping Obama around tell h-ll freezes over. And just a little note of interest, I am a registered republican (it runs in the family), but I vote for the man not the party :)

So, that's my first rant, I have more because a lot was in the news today but I wanted to share about the show we watched :)
Till next time


Darlene said...

Bill Maher's movie on religion was another 'tell it like it is'. (Although I just saw it a few months ago, typically, I can't remember the name.) Yes, he is a gutsy guy.

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene, His movie, which we own :), is called Religious. We loved it too and it is a very HARD title to remember, I had to go to the bookshelf to look at the title. Also, just an intersting note, here in the Springs none of the stores would carry it. I had to order it on line! I agree he is a gutsy guy :)