Friday, March 13, 2009

"Silver Skates"

On June 11, 1928 a shooting star was born
On March 11, 2007 that star took its rightful place
in the heavens above us.
This is a tribute to my half sister Jeanne "Jinx" Clark.

The first time my father took me to see my sister, I
was three years old. She was practicing at the
Broadmoor Ice Palace. She was on the ice when we
arrived and I have never seen anyone so beautiful and graceful in all of my life.

She took me backstage and in front of a huge lighted
make up mirror we played as she put make up on me
We giggled and she cupped my little face in her hands
and said, "we are going to be best of Friends."

My father's plan was for me to go live with my half sister but it didn't work out that way. Before I could go live with her, a man tried to shoot my father and myself, because of this my father felt if I went to live with my sister, it would put her and her mother's life in danger, so I did not get to be with her.

My sister started skating when she was nine and she was a natural. She had no professional training but at the age of seventeen she had signed a contract with "Sonja Henie's Hollywood Ice Review". From the late 1940's thru to the late 1950's she was in the Ice Capades. In the early 1960's she performed in Florida. She was called the Silver Skates, people could not take their eyes off of her when she was on the ice. She and her skates were one and she was awesome!

By the late 1960's Jinx and her mom came back to Colorado Springs. They opened a tavern called "Jinx's Place". My sister was a very caring person and often helped the elderly in our community. She married, no one could remember how many times, some said 2, some said 4. I think it was 2 but that's just me. She never had any children.

By 1978, the people who stole our inhertiance started harassing my sister, using the gutless city council they closed down "Jinx's Place". It took them till 1990 to close it but they succeeded. My sister was heartbroken and moved to Lamar, Colo.
She was involved in this small community till her death.

You are forever in heart, Jinx!


Lydia said...

I found this totally fascinating. Thank you for sharing the story of your sister Jinx.

Looking to the Stars said...

Thank you, Lydia. My heart glowed after reading your comment, its like sharing the best cookie in the world with your friend then looking at each other and saying "this is cool". Thanks for sharing with me in one of my best memories.