Monday, January 16, 2012

Today Is Martin Luther King Jr Day

Martin Luther King Jr., was a great man. Today is his day, for us to remember him.

"I have a Dream", those words still choke me up. Mr. King had a dream and we are seeing it and living it today. It wasn't that way when he was alive, he strove to give his people what they are enjoying today. And he did it thru peaceful actions.

There is a play on Broadway about his life. It shows him as a regular person. He chained smoked, he had a drink once in awhile and he cussed once in awhile. He was a person with a dream, with a vision for his race.

It is a shame that he did not live to see what was accomplished by his dream. Do we, as human beings, still have a long way to go? Yes, but we are closer because of one man's dream.

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