Thursday, December 8, 2011

Uncommon Knowledge

A few days ago I did a post on Judy Lewis, daughter of Clark Gable and Loretta Young.

She wrote a book called "Uncommon Knowledge", so I thought I would go to and see if it was available for Kindle. Its not, but what I found shocked me.  The book is a collector's item which means it is expensive. The cheapest one is $202.00, the highest is $999.00.  That's to rich for my blood,lol.

Thankfully, people wrote reviews on it (and I'm thinking they got the book when it first came out). Anyway, I got the jest of the book from the reviews. Maybe, the price will come down and maybe I'll get one.

There was one review that shared how Mr. Lewis, the man Loretta Young married, would tell his sons that Judy was 'not one of them'

That opened up an old wound for me because my foster mother Louise, was always saying that about me. I remember when they got a movie camera, whenever it was brought out Louise would tell me to go to my room because 'I was not one of them'.

Old wounds die hard and some never heal. Reading this book would problay open more old wounds and its a good thing I won't be reading it. But, for others who are collectors, it would be a good book for their collection.


Spydra Webb said...

Lois, I lost track of your website for a while...been through a lot of changes since the last time we corresponded.

I'm curious if you might know:

I read that Julie Penrose's maiden name was "Lewis". Was Julie Penrose related to the Lewis's of "Banning-Lewis Ranch"? How about "Lewis-Palmer School District"? How about this Judy Lewis mentioned here in your blog post? Let me know, please...and thanks!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

Looking to the Stars said...

Hey kiddo, glad to hear from you :)
I hope the changes have been good!
Yes, Julie's maiden name was Lewis, as far as I know she was not related to the Banning Lewis Ranch. She had 9 to 10 siblings, most of them girls. One of her sisters did live here in Colo Springs but I can't remember what her married name was, I'd have to look thru my files. This lady used to give people home loans, she would hold the title to the home till it was paid and she charged very little interst. But, you had to know somebody who knew her to get to talk to her.

She passed away about 6 years ago.

Judy Lewis, daughter of Loretta Young and Clark Gable, as far as I know, was not related. My dad knew a lot of stars (Dale Evans, Roy Rogers, Shirley Temple, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney to name a few) and he was very good friends with the Pastor of the Hollywood Presybratrain Church, excuse the spelling. But, I do not know if he knew Loretta, Judy or Clark. Stay in touch girlfriend :)