Sunday, December 26, 2010

Castle Of Colorado Springs

pic courtesy of Navigator's

This is Glen Eyrie Castle, isn't it beautiful. General William Palmer and his wife Queenie built this beautiful home. This castle resides in Colorado Springs Colorado, the city that the General and his wife, Queenie started.

There were no trees here in this new city, it was the plains. They brought trees in, the General started the town, Queenie started the first school. This castle started as a stable and from there it bloomed into what we see today.

I have been hard on the General in my previous posts and I have discovered that the information I had received was one sided. That information came from the Generals daughter, Dorothy and she did not care for her father. This post is to bring to light another side of the General, a softer side.

Not many people remember that the General had a gift, he could foresee things in the future. He saw Colorado Springs and what it would become with street lights and paved roads. He was born in Delaware, his parents had come from England. He still had family in England when his wife Queenie went there because of her health and he lived in England with her.

They had 3 daughters, Elsie was the oldest, she was born in New York, she married a well known author, L.H. Myers and lived in Chelsea, England till her death. She had 1 child.

Dorothy, was the 2nd child, 8 years behind her sister. She was born in Colorado Springs and when she was 1 her mother, Queenie, went to England. Dorothy went to a Catholic school in England, things did not go well for her, she was abused & resented her father for it. She felt that he should have seen what was happening to her & do something about it. It left her very angry and she fought against what he predicted for her. But what he saw for her did come to pass. I do not know how many times she was married, her last marriage was to my Uncle Richard. She lived in England, PA & Colorado Springs. She had 1 child.
Marjory, was the 3rd & last child, born a year after Dorothy in England. She lived, married & died in Colorado Springs. She had no children.
The General loved his wife and his children. He was good to them. The castle is a symbol of his love for them, it was built with them in mind. Marjory was married there. The General was a good man. His home is now the home of "The Navigators", a chirstian organization. But, when I see it, I see him outside in his chair surrounded by his dogs. I can hear the laughter of his wife and daughters.
This is a man who had great vision and started a town, built the Antler's Hotel and a castle. He satnds very tall in my eyes.


Kay Dennison said...

Interesting history lesson and I love the castle!

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, thanks. I love the castle to, isn't it a beautiful one :)